Local resident, contemporary art collector, New York City gallery owner, and Curatorial Director of NEXT: The Exhibition of Emerging Art in Chicago – and the most fancy-pants art person I know – Ken Tyburski offers his perspective on the New Jersey Museum of Contemporary Art…

It’s a known fact that the arts are a “Destination” and help re-ignite communities and local economies. 

It’s happened with the Guggenheim Bilbao where the Frank Gehry designed museum has welcomed over 900,000 non-Basque visitors to it’s Spanish Branch.  Dia Beacon in Hudson Valley sparked interest in the arts and is a must see destination helping bring galleries, artists, collectives to the area as well as restaurants and even grants. 

The interesting thing I like about NJ MoCA is that there are local people already here with money very close by that would definitely back the museum.  It would be too expensive to do in neighboring towns. 

NJ MoCA would be one more reason for people to come to Asbury Park and one more item of positive publicity.  So many people would come from the area to see the exciting and fresh exhibitions that would be shown. 

Frankly I’m a little perplexed by the term “Outsider” being used so negatively (in reference to Robin).  Most of the people who are using that term are not born and bred people from Asbury Park.  They too came from the outside. 

And this project is called “The New Jersey Museum of Contemporary Art”.  Last time I checked, AP is in NJ.  It’s not called the “Lipson Museum of Contemporary Art”.  The museum is for the entire state.  And having it’s headquarters here would be a huge boon.

Robin’s idea of creating a non-collecting museum on the boardwalk in a building that is just sitting there is quite inventive, aspirational, and exciting.  I understand the Shore Institute of Contemporary Arts (Long Branch) is planning a move down here as well.  I’m not sure the town can support two museums, but, with the amount of people behind Robin and their connections in the NJ political environment and the global art world, they’ll get a lot of support. 

I went to a cocktail party here in New York City announcing the launch of the museum and it was pretty exciting.  There were so many New Yorkers excited about it and when Garrett (Wagner) and I were talking about Asbury Park, people’s eyes lit up.  They loved the idea of the galleries, the Lanes, the artists that live there full time, etc… 

There are going to be some great people coming to the gala on the 23rd who might not have been motivated otherwise to do so.

The museum and Robin should be welcomed wholeheartedly.

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