TBP:  People who thought they knew you after years of hearing you talk about your life every morning are going to be surprise at how much they do not know.  Why write a book?

Gary:  I wrote the book for me in the hopes that other people would be interested.  What I am finding is that everybody comes from some sort of a dysfunctional family.  My family’s dysfunction had a lot to do with my mom, who suffered from mental illness.  I talk to people now and they tell me their mom drank or took pills or their dad gambled.  The thread is that we all came from crazy families.  The perfect family does not exist.

TBP:  I could not agree more.  You write about your mom’s struggles with depression.  You go into great detail about how your family dealt with it – or not.  Is there something that you want to communicate to people who may be struggling with depression or have a family member that is?

Gary:  I cannot sit here and tell you I understand depression or researched it.  The thing I do know is that it was not my mother’s fault.  I look back on it now and I wish maybe some of the doctors would have been aware.

I always felt she had a chemical imbalance.  And I always felt that if treated the right way her life would have been completely different.  But instead she medicated herself which sent her into an abyss along with the mental illness.  And it was really important for me to tell the story but I am not bitter and do not blame my mother in any way.  You can’t blame somebody for something they have no control over.  You cant say she was an alcoholic and refused to stop drinking .  My mother had no control over her illness.

But having said that it was really tough sometimes as a kid to figure out how to deal with it.  I jokingly say my mother prepared me for the job of a lifetime.  But there is some of that in there.  Being able to take volatile behavior and not be scared by it or be angry by it was maybe a good trait to learn in the end.

TBP:  For me, Roger Daltrey was the worst celebrity personality-wise that I met working with you guys.  Who was the worst celebrity for you?

Gary:  That’s a hard question to answer.  I have never been thoroughly disappointed with anyone.  You can’t judge a person on how they were for a half hour, one day.

We had Denise Richards on the other day who is always great when she comes in for an interview.  Turns out this time, she was up all night because her ex husband, Charlie Sheen was wrecking hotel rooms and she was there.  And no one could tell she was up all night when she was at our studio but if she was bitchy I might have thought she was bitchy in general.  The truth was that Denise Richards is in a bad mood because she has been up all night with her ex husband.  It is hard to judge people on the short time they spend with us.

Finally, questions from your fans:

What was your angriest moment ever with Howard?

Gary:  The time I was the most upset was when he was making fun of me when my girlfriend dumped me at the time.  And I was really upset by it.  I saw him in the bathroom later that day and I said listen man, this is really bumming me out.  Could you just lay low about this?  And he looked at me and said “Grow up.”

Do you think Robin Quivers is cured?

Gary:  I don’t think anybody is ever cured.  I went to therapy and my shrink said I graduated but I do not think that is true.  She is light years different than she was during her worst period of time.