Lifeguard Chris Wilson

Twelve city firefighters, police and lifeguards take centerfold… err, center stage in ArtsCAP’s “Heroes of Asbury Park” 2011 calendar featuring dynamic images of the heroes at iconic locations around town.

“Each model was a Supermodel,” said Alan Barnett, photographer.  “The men and women were naturals during the photo shoot and are genuinely super – real heroes – in their profession.  None are just pretty faces.”

Production of the calendar began in late August when ArtsCAP approached the Fire Department, Police Department and lifeguards to participate in the 2011 calendar.  This was the second year of participation for the firefighters.  The team was featured in the first-ever ArtsCAP 2010 calendar.

Fire Chief Kevin Keddy, Police Chief Mark Kinmon and Lieutenant Marshawn Love and Beach Safety Supervisor Joe Bongiovanni chose four models from their respective departments to be featured in the calendar.

“Some of the lifeguards were shy when I first spoke to them about posing for the calendar, but secretly I think they were all really happy,” said Joe Bongiovanni.  “Every lifeguard is an ambassador for the city and the calendar was a great new way of extending that role for the greater good of the community.”

2010 Firefighter Calendar

The calendar’s 2011 theme is “heroes” – confirming every model is beautiful both inside and out.  Each has demonstrated bravery and heroism in their respective career.  The profiles accompanying each photo reflect their heroism and reveal more personal information about the individual behind the photo.

Purchase the calendar and learn which hero had a part-time job in high school as a clown at children’s birthday parties, who considers the beach his office, who does an excellent impression of James Earl Jones and who graduated with a double major in Political Science and History, among other, more serious achievements.

“The first calendar was purchased by people around the country and actually in Singapore, too,” said Alan.  “It was important to me to capture the beauty of the city for people who want to become more familiar with it.  It was great photographing the heroes on the top of the Paramount Theatre and on the Grand Avenue Bridge.”

The twelve heroes featured in the calendar, revealed only here and in The Coaster, are Captains Frank Condello and Gavino Siciliano and Firefighters Clemente Capolongo (2010 calendar cover guy) and Scott Habermann; Police Officers Carrie Colbert, Tony Butler and Byron Young and Detective John Sosdian; Lifeguards Candice Brockel, John Cullen, Alex Tragnitz, Chris Wilson.

What month will Chris Wilson's photo claim? Come to the launch party and support local heroes!

“Doing the photo shoot was pretty cool and the photos came out really great,” said Scott Habermann, firefighter and hero model.  “I cannot wait to send the calendar to my mom.  She is going to be shocked and happy.”

Locals who assisted with the production of the calendar also include:  Dennis Carroll, Ginny Otley, Rich Biletta and the Coaster’s Richard Virgilio, who wrote the calendar copy.

Who will claim the 2011 calendar cover?  Come to the launch party next Sunday (Nov. 21) at Watermark from 4 pm to 7 pm.

ArtsCAP.org has a list of the stores selling the calendar.  More at Facebook / HeroesofAsburyPark.

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