The ultimate pop culture topic – the engagement of Prince William and Kate Middleton – explored in-depth by one of London’s top reporters.  “Kate Middleton: Princess in Waiting”, by Claudia Joseph, is the authoritative book on anything and everything “future queen”.  Joseph is soon to be all over the media providing the insight the world is hungry for on the future of the royal family…

Catherine Elizabeth “Kate” Middleton is the girl everyone wants to be. The girl who is to be the future queen of England has snagged Britain’s hottest bachelor; this “regular” girl is living a perfect Cinderella fairytale.

Kate: Kate Middleton: Princess in Waiting by Claudia Joseph (Avon A; Trade Paperback Original; $13.99) is her story.

Kate first appeared on the pages of a British newspaper in April 2002, having modeled a diaphanous dress on the catwalk during a charity fashion show; since then she has become one of the most photographed women in England and a permanent fixture in the society pages. The UK’s Hello! magazine estimates that her image on the cover alone is enough to increase sales by 100,000.

If Kate Middleton becomes Queen Catherine, she will be the first wife of a British monarch to have:

  • graduated from university
  • displayed her lingerie on the catwalk
  • lived with a king out of wedlock
  • … and more!

For Kate: Kate Middleton: Princess in Waiting, Author / Reporter, Claudia Joseph has spoken to members of Kate’s family and friends, who have provided an intriguing insight into the extraordinary journey her family has made from the mining villages of Durham to an apartment in the royal residence of Clarence House.

What Joseph has discovered is that behind Kate’s polished veneer lies the extraordinary tale of an impoverished working‐class family that overcame deprivation and adversity to rise to the upper echelons of society.

Drawing on exclusive interviews and containing previously unpublished photographs, this is an authoritative account of Kate Middleton’s life so far.

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