Let us all give thanks this year for a slew of new holiday albums – same songs, questionably new twists.

There is, however, one new holiday CD that saves us from stale chestnuts and oldie retread songs, capturing the many moods of the season with a distinctive voice.

“Destination Christmas” by The B-52’s Fred Schneider and his band The Superions is a fun and funny party-friendly holiday CD.  With tracks like “Christmas Conga,” “Jingle Those Bells” and “Crummy Christmas Tree”, accompanied by low budget, high-smile complementary videos, the CD is destined to be a cult classic.

I spoke with Fred last week about his holiday plans and his music.

TBP:  What was your Thanksgiving and Christmas like growing up in Long Branch?

Fred:  I remember blue Christmas lights that were just so bleak.  I loved my Lionel Train set, the bubble light decorations and shopping with my mom in Asbury Park.

TBP:  Now that you are a fancy-pants rock star, what are the holidays like?

Fred:  The B’s always has a New Years Eve show so I stopped doing the big whole Christmas thing – taking out the antique toys and trains and stuff – years ago.  I still bring out my grandmother’s vintage tinsel Christmas tree with the color wheel, which I love.

I also love crazy Christmas music.  Just junk like “Barbie’s Christmas” and I play it to the point where my friends ask me to put on something holiday-normal.

TBP:  Mariah and Justin Bieber have new “normal” albums out for your friends.  What is the major difference between Mariah and Justin Bieber’s new holiday albums and The Superions’ collection?

Fred:  Well, ours is actually really good.  I am no Taylor Swift, but… it’s just not hard for me to write holiday dance songs.  I am finally able to let loose with different ideas with The Superions.

I hear Mariah has one or two bleak Christmas songs, so I want to hear them for Thanksgiving and after.

TBP:  Do you cook for Thanksgiving?

Fred:  I am a vegetarian so I will make a Tofurky.  When I was a kid I looked forward to Thanksgiving stuffing but now it’s the raw chopped up cranberry sauce with oranges and the peels.

I like to cook but I don’t go all out.  Because I travel so much the last thing I want to do when I get home is cook a giant meal for people.  I will be going to a friend’s place for Thanksgiving this year and singing a-cappella like I usually do.

TBP:  Speaking of food, one of the songs on “Destination Christmas” is about fruitcakes.  Why do you say fruitcakes have been “maligned through history”?

Fred:  Most of them are just awful.  Everyone buys the $1.98 crap fruitcakes at the grocery store when if you really spend the time to make a good one it’s really good.

For “Fruitcake” (the song) I went online and just got a list of everything in a fruitcake, so if you make the fruitcake from the recipe I sing it’s going to be horrible.

TBP:  Duly noted.  Another track on your CD is “Crummy Crummy Christmas Tree” .  If you could have any celebrity under your Christmas tree to share your fruitcake and Tofurky with, who would it be?

Fred:  Charo.  Who else would get things going like Charo on Christmas morning?  Wouldn’t that be great?  I’ll let you know if it happens.

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