More 2010 memories from your neighbors and friends.  For Page 1 of memories, click here.

Paul Booth, The Coaster:

“My favorite 2010 memory actually occurred last week, following the downtown tree lighting.  Every year Karen Lee Schwarz and her Asbury Park High School jazz band play at the tree lighting.  Afterwards, Karen took a group of eight of the jazz band members to nearby Moonstruck, which features live jazz every Friday night.  As Karen described it: ‘Just so the kids can see something they love, jazz, in a live professional setting.’  Luke and Howard graciously took care of the kids and they returned the favor – one girl from the band, still dressed in her winter coat, got up and sang ‘At Last.’  It was crushingly superb from a high school student.  It stopped the room.  She became the Professional.”

Joeseph Pangaro:

“In August I had two police officers from Australia come to visit.  They are both huge Springsteen fans and wanted to see Asbury Park.  I took them on a tour all over the city and they loved it.  Seeing the city through their eyes made me realize all over how cool the place really is.”

Alan Barnett, photographer:

“I will always remember the making of the Heroes of Asbury Park 2011 Calendar.  A community of people rose up in the spirit of fundraising and holiday giving to produce a lasting document that confirms everything that is good about our city. I’ll be reminded of this for years to come as I keep in touch with old friends who worked with me and the new friends I made at this year’s photo shoots.”

Billy Mecca, SALT magazine:

“Going to the Easter Parade on the Boardwalk with my Dad was great.  But there is one night early in the summer that stands out. I was biking home east towards the Boardwalk.  As I approached the bend by Paradise and the Carousel House, my eyes widened and I got goosebumps.  I saw swarms of people out having a blast.  Cars and lights everywhere, the ocean breeze mixed with the aroma of great food.  Music from Watermark and the Stone Pony – it all stopped me dead in my tracks.  At that moment, I realized there was no doubt anymore that it’s game on in Asbury Park and how lucky I am to be a part of it.”

State Senator Sean Kean:

“When a group of third graders from the Barack H. Obama School came to visit the State House in Trenton.  My wife, Bridget, brought her class and three other classes on a trip to the State Capitol.  The kids were so excited.  The trip was really special for the kids because they met the Senate Secretary, Kent Hicks, who was an alumnus of their school.  Mr. Hicks talked to the kids about growing up in Asbury Park, his experience in school, and his current job. I thought it was a great experience that the kids were able to come to Trenton, tour the State House, and hear from a school alumnus.”

Mayor Ed Johnson:

“Visiting with the Hope Academy Charter School students this past fall was wonderful.  The room was filled with excitement.  They were a great group of young people who were well prepared and very welcoming.  They asked much more intelligent and relevant questions than several of the news shows that I watch on Sunday morning.”

Kim Raynor:

“While enjoying a walk on the Asbury boardwalk, we saw Bruce Springsteen walking right towards us.  He very nonchalantly nodded his head hello and proceeded to walk into the Wonder Bar.  Wow.”

Helen Chantal Pike:

“Getting chosen as an editor for the anthology of music essays and photos for ‘Asbury park: Where Music Lives’ for 2011.  Happiest coincidence of my personal and professional interests.”

Victoria List:

At each Asbury Park Zombie Walk, my friend, Dolly, has been a “Zombie Magnet.”  Every year, the scariest Zombies zone in on Dolly and scare the bejeezus out of her. This year, a particularly gruesome Zombie – with a third hand protruding from his forehead and screaming faces coming out of his chest – schlepped over to her and fired up his toothless power saw.”

Tom Gilmour, Director of Commerce:

“I participated in the Asbury Park Rotary’s Polar Plunge at Asbury Park’s  Fifth Avenue beach in January, where the temperature was 27 degrees, the wind chill was 10 degrees, and the water temperature was 38 degrees.  Wetsuits are not permitted.  I still get chilled every time I think about it.  The following day I read in the newspaper, there was a similar event that took place the same day in Maryland where the temperatures were not as cold and the medical staff called off the event.  Only in Asbury Park… and I will be plunging again this year.” 

Best wishes to you always.  Thank you so much for your readership and loyalty.  Cheers!