Every once in a while a book comes along that strikes such a chord that you don’t want it to end.  “An Object of Beauty” by Steve Martin (the actor and comic), was that book for me in 2010.

Steve’s novel takes us behind the scenes of the heady New York art scene of the early 2000’s, with character Lacey Yaeger.  Lacey moves to New York from a bumblef*uck city in the southeast and gets a prized job in the fine art division of Sotheby’s auction house.  From there, her life becomes a rollercoaster and Steve – who says he has been involved in the art world since he was in his early twenties – takes us on Lacey’s journey which naturally involves love, ethics and friendship, and the boom and bust of the artworld.

The novel is fun, sexy, dishy, interesting and makes the prestigious and haughty world of buying and selling art boiled-down but fascinating.

Just like “Shopgirl” he builds relatable characters and places them in other-worldly environments and allows the reader a peek into a life not many experience, let alone understand.

As of today, the book’s movie rights have not been sold, however I could see Scarlett Johansson sliding into the role of Lacey in a second.

Steve talks with David Letterman about “An Object of Beauty” in November:

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