Season 2 “Drag Race” contestant comments on the premier of Season 3 and talks about what she could not talk about last year.

TBP:  What happens behind that door right before you walk out and down those stairs to meet the other contestants for the first time?  Take us into that moment.

Mystique:   LAWD, that is like the longest day.  We will go to a room alone and wait and wait and then a producer will get us one by one and bring us in.  At at that very point you are looking at this door and you know once you open the door your life is going to change forever.  To say it is nerve racking is an understatment.

TBP:  How do you feel about Season 3 of “Drag Race” bringing back Season 2 contestant Shangelina?

Mystique:  I have mix feelings about it.  She was brand new to the scene at the time we did the show so I think they wanted to have her try it again, but dan, they brought her back and her outfit was lackluster!

TBP:  Who do you think the contestants to watch are this season?

Mystique:  Miss Mariah is who to watch out for because everyone is in the drag life but she is a Ballroom Queen where she has the power to command the people in 30 seconds.

TBP:  Who do you think will not be able to handle the schedule, etc. for the taping of the show and will wig out at some point?

Mystique:  Contestant MiMi Imfust.

TBP:  Care to make a prediction on who will win this season?

Mystique:  The fans!

TBP:  What were the accommodations really like during the taping?

Mystique:  They were okay – the hotel did not have Cartoon Network.  (Laughs)

TBP:  What was it like last year when you are watching yourself on TV and hearing for the first time what the other contestants were saying about you, six months after you taped the show?

Mystique:  Well there are two ways you can take it… get really pissed and have that anger for months until you get to the reunion show or say f*ck em and it is the past.  And that is what I did – I looked at my self on TV and changed some stuff about me and grew.

TBP:  What were you feeling when you watched the premier on Monday?  What kind of memories come back to you?

Mystique:  My feelings about the show was that it was okay – on one really grabbed me.  It is Season 3 so like everyone is trying to be that bitch but Season 2 we were all bitches from the start.  So I think some of the girls are trying too hard to top Season 2 but that cant be done because there is only one Mystique, Raven, Tyra, Tati, Jessica, Pandora, JuJu.  

Also, I have painful memories of standing in heels for hours and hours.  (Laughs)

TBP:  What happens immediately after you have to ‘sashay away’ – you have been voted off the show?

Mystique:  You start packing your stuff and you talk to the girls quickly and then you go to the one on one interview taping for hours and hours!  Then you go back to the hotel and pack your stuff up and go home the next day.

TBP:  What is it like from when you tape the show in August until it airs in January?  When the taping is over you have to go back to your regular life, but with a big secret.

Mystique:  When I left to do the show last summer people thought I went to go visit family in Chicago so nobody had any idea.  When I came back I just played dumb.  But it is strange cause once your usee to have cameras following you everywhere, you kinda want that feeling back.

TBP:  What was the biggest thing you wanted to say about the experience or a moment or a contestant or Ru but couldn’t because you were gagged for a year?

Mystique:  Never judge a book by its cover.

TBP:  How has being on the show changed your life – good and bad? 

Mystique:  Everyone and their mother knows me… it has been very good.  But it is also bad like your so called friends are only your friend cause they think you can help them get famous.  The major bad thing is… it killed my tricking business.  (laughs)

TBP:  Have you heard any funny stories or gossip about Season 3?

Mystique:  I will never tell.

TBP:  What have you been up to over the past year, after the show?

Mystique:  I been doing more emceeing events.  I got 1st runner up to Emcee of the Year.  You can’t keep the real plus-sized diva down!  Also I do a lot of YouTube videos.

See Mystique live in New Jersey at Drew University in my hometown, Madison, Thursday, Feb. 10 at 8 pm.  If anyone knows anybody at Paradise, she is available to make the Friday night Drag Show worth going to.  

To book Mystique or learn more about her: MystiqueSummers.net.   Facebook, click here.

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