Mystique Summers emailed TheBPlot  to talk about the second episode of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” exclusively here…

TBP:  So what did you think of the show Monday?

Mystique:  So much hate for each other  for the 2nd ep.. LAWD I know on my season we fought on the first ep but we got along after that.

TBP:  Did anybody do anything that was game changing?

Mystique:  The biggest mistake is MIMI thinking cause she owns an acting competition.  She was going to be picked first.. and its not always about your background its about how well you mesh with the team.  A show-changing moment was Stacy – she showed them she can STOMP WITH THE BIG DOGS!!!

TBP:  What is it like during the final elimination? When you are standing in front of the judges?

Mystique:  OMG it like hours!  You are standing there like your in a police line up. Your feet start hurting its CRAZY.

TPB:  Who was your favorite judge of Season 2?  i loved kathy griffin.

Mystique:  Santino from Project Runway

TPB:  Did you agree with the decision of who had to sashay away?

Mystique:  Yes I do… 100%.  When your to cocky it is time for you to go home.  She said  big girls isn’t her competition but a BIG gurl sent her home and last but I check all the big girls but 1 lasted longer then her..  NO T No SHADY just FACTS

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