Local writer Michael Cook shared his recent conversation with Madison Hildebrand, star of “Million Dollar Listing”.  Madison discusses the show and what is like being a gay realtor on the other coast… 


Madison Hildebrand, "Million Dollar Listing"


Michael:  Based on the previews we have seen of the new season of your show, you already have some clashes with the new agent, Josh Altman.  Can we expect fireworks all season?

Madison:  There is definitely a different twist this year! There are dynamic changes this year.  I get involved in a bit of the drama, whereas last year I did my best to avoid it.  Without giving too much away, there is also some drama with a non-main character, it definitely is a different level of drama.

Michael:  How did you get started selling real estate in Malibu, one of the most expensive, and I imagine, toughest areas to do business?

Madison:  I graduated from Pepperdine University with a degree in advertising, and decided to play a different hand, which led me to the world of real estate.  I was given a great start in the business and started at a time when the market was going really well.  After that, I sold one house, then another, then so on.

Michael:  You came out last season on the show. Do you think coming out so publicly was a help or a hindrance to your career?

Madison:  Coming out was definitely helpful.  It allowed “Madison to be Madison”! It liberated me from the people that may not want to work with me and definitely got me some new clients as well.  My business has definitely increased after coming out.

Michael:  How do you think being gay impacts being a real estate agent in general?

Madison:  In Los Angeles, a large number of real estate agents are gay.  In other areas, that may not be the case, and those realtors definitely have it tougher.

Michael:  There are areas of New Jersey that the LGBTI community is bringing back in force.  What advice to you have for someone entering the real estate business that caters to a primarily LGBT clientele, as opposed to a primarily straight clientele?

Madison:  Go into the communities, start with your peers and the people you know.  The most important thing is to be committed to your career 100% – no matter what business, but especially real estate.  Potential clients want to work with someone that they know is committed to the job and to them completely.

Michael:  You’ve also just published a book, “Activate YOUR Passion, Create YOUR Career.”

Madison:  My book was written with the purpose of giving back the information that was that was given to me when I started out. I definitely wanted to “pay it forward” and give back and help people.

Michael:  What other shows on BRAVO are on your “must-watch” list?

Madison:  Of course, I am totally engrossed in the “Housewives” shows!  Right now, I am addicted to “The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills”.  How could you not love those ladies?

Right now, for me, I am very focused on my real estate career. I do have some new doors opening that I am exploring, but no firm commitments right now. And, of course, I am extremely excited for the next season of “Million Dollar Listing”!