Dyson Animal DC23

Since I have an OCD about cleanliness and spend seemingly endless amounts of time cleaning, I assumed my world was more than reasonably sparkly.  My world stopped spinning the day I got my new Dyson Animal canister vacuum and, after 20 minutes of vacuuming, saw what was spinning in the device’s canister.   Gross!

I am the last person ever to get excited about a vacuum and I thought all that buzz about Dyson’s engineering was just nonsense.  How can one vacuum be so marketedly superior?  It is.  It seriously is brilliant.  If you have a pet and old house, or both, the Dyson Animal will change your life.  Smile.

The Dyson Animal is one of those few-and-far-between times when a company so totally leap-frogs everything else on the market and changes the landscape of its industry.

More about the Dyson Animal:

  • The air driven brush bar is ideal for cleaning medium and short pile carpets and can be turned off for hard floors.
  • Unlike ordinary vacuums, Dyson is certified asthma & allergy friendly™ – capturing microscopic dust particles – according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. 
  • There are no filters to buy.  You just take the original filter out and wash it every couple of months. 
  • All Dyson upright and canister vacuums are bagless, so there are no costly bags to replace.  Between the bags and filters, you save an estimated $484 over five years.

Dyson Animal DC23 canister, $499 shipped.  Buy now and receive a free home cleaning accessories kit.  Dyson.com has more.