When Howard Stern announced this week his new $400 million contract allows him to work live three days a week, with two days of “best of” repeats, the entertainment media breathlessly reported the details, but this announcement was no news to regular readers of TheBPlot’s “You Say Who” column.

“You Say Who” reported on March 11, 2010 – more than a year before the mainstream media – that Howard would re-sign with Sirius XM satellite radio with an agreement to produce live shows three days a week, giving the radio rock star an additional day off during years six to 10 with Sirius (he worked four days each week during his first contract).  The column boisterously noted “you heard it here first.”

Stern’s “best of” repeat programming has historically achieved the same or better ratings for decades, with focus groups reporting they like equallly or better the edited re-broadcasts because there is no filler or fluff – every segment is sure to be a revealing interview with a top celebrity or newsmaker or  a hysterical “bit.”  

You Say Who 3.11.10:

FOR Howard Stern fans, TheBPlot’s prediction regarding his contract negotiations: Howard and team will resign shortly with an announcement this summer. Howard will be live three days a week and “Best Of” will air Thursday and Friday. Howard’s “Best Of” series gets better ratings – and has gotten better ratings – for years so Sirus will be happy to accommodate Howard’s request to be “live” less. Focus groups detail that they like Howard’s “Best Of” because every segment is a winner, as opposed to sometimes have to sit through rambling conversation or filler. You read it here first. (03.11.10)

While the prediction about the timing of the public announcement was off by a year for silly reasons, this is just one more in a long list of national scoops TheBPlot has published before the “big” media guys. 

Like the 2009 scoop about Kathie Lee Gifford’s causing friction on the Today Show, which was picked up by the New York Daily News, Gawker, Chickaboomer and other national publications.

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