I got my first Smartphone two weeks ago and it’s making me feel quite stupid.

Along with my mind, I lost 300 emails and 350 contacts (so you know what to do if you are waiting for a call from me!) during the first five days of attempting to integrate the phone that people call “amazing” into my life.

I wonder if the joke is on me and this phone isn’t really as fabulous as everyone says it is. 

One of the highlights of the phone for me so far is finding fun apps to download and play with. 

I asked the two adorable-geeky twentysomething Verizon guys who set up the phone for me to “tell me what the cool kids are downloading as apps.”  And they suggested Vevo (music videos), Evernote (an organization-type app) and TED (interviews with brilliant people).

But my favorite app I found on my own.  Planets – is a planetarium in your hand.  A pocket-sized Galileo… and rated 4.5 mouses by MacWorld (article below).  Hold your phone up to the sky and the app reveals the constellations and planets that *should be* visible at that very moment – day or night!  Amazing!!

Since it’s free, techy reviewers say the app is not as robust as other astronomy-type downloads, but “robust” to me, means “complicated”.  Planets does just enough and also features other screens, including:

  • Visibility – what times specific planets will be visible according to your specific location.
  • Atmosphere – different views of the sky, including x-ray, Hydrogen a (really cool during the lightening storm on Tuesday), Infrared, Microwave and Radio.
  • Globe – a 3D view of any planet, with the Earth in real-time.
  • … and more

Walking on the boardwalk with Truman has never been more fun.

For the detailed MacWorld review of Planets, click here.

To download the app to your iPhone, click here.  (Droid offers it too)

And if you know how to synch Outlook emails and calendar with an iPhone, email me!  I will love you forever if you can help me.

Or, do you know of a cool app I need?  Tell me!  Richard@TheBPlot.com