James Dyson has done it again.

Dyson Air Multiplier product line

The Air Multiplier – an electric summer fan to you and I – is yet another amazing invention from the brains at Dyson which leapfrogs anything else available and changes the landscape of the electric fan market.

In 1886, Schulyer Wheeler invented the electric fan and it essentially remained unchanged until Dyson’s 350 engineers and scientists spent four years working their brains to measure and optimize the machine’s aperture and airfoil shaped ramp.  Today, we have the Air Multiplier.
Old-school electric fans release choppy air and are noisy.  The Air Multipler uses proprietary technology to increase air 15 times and expel 119 gallons of solid, smooth air every second – with no blades.  How it works:
  1. Air is drawn into the base of the machine.
  2. Air is forced up into the loop of the amplifier and accelerated through the 1.3 mm annular aperture, creating a jet of air.
  3. While exiting the loop amplifier, the jet pulls air from behind the fan into the airflow.
  4. At the same time, the surrounding air from the front and sides is forced into the air stream, amplifying it 15 times, resulting in constant flow of cooling air.
“We finally found a way to create turbulent-free air and finally do away with fan blades,” said Dyson. 
Maybe you can explain all that to me but what know is that the Air Multiplier is another Dyson machine that does what it says better than anything else and looks good doing it!  It is brilliant and beautiful.

Air Multiplier Technology

Because the motor is at its base, the fan is not top-heavy and can be tilted with a touch, is safe and simple to clean.  Also, the Air Multiplier features a dimmer switch power control (you control the speed – there’s no low, medium and high) and 90 degree oscilation. 
The Dyson Air Multiplier is available in table, tower and floor models.  Prices start at $299.
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