These ladies are on-the-go.

Members of LesGo! on one of their many adventures

Founded in April of 2009 by Patti O’Connor, LesGo! is a social group based in Asbury Park focused on organizing outings primarily for professional lesbian women.

Seven hundred fifty members-strong, the group offers women an opportunity to meet new people from all over New Jersey and participate in some great activities.

I spoke with Patti after their recent Women Build Day at Coastal Habitat for Humanity’s newest construction project in the Springwood Avenue-area of Asbury Park.

TPB:  You say being a Funeral Director was one of the reasons you started LesGo!.

Patti:  There were a couple of reasons I founded the group on MeetUp.com.  One was because I see so much sadness every day.  Life is so short – an accident or an illness can change everything and I didn’t want to be one of those people who said I wish I did something.  I figured there were more women like me who wanted to enjoy life.

We have one member in particular, Deb from Oradell, who is a 9/11 survivor.  She was severely injured and spent six years in the hospital fighting back.  Deb’s got a heart of gold that lights up every event she attends with an energy that is unlike any other I’ve seen.

Without the group, I might have never had the privilege of meeting women like Deb or doing some of the fun things I have done like surfing.  I always wanted to go surfing and one of our very first outings was a surf day!

TBP:  There have been about 90 events so far.

Patti:  We have a fun variety of events for all different activity levels and any age.  LesGo! is an amazing, group of positive, like-minded women and our friends and family – whether gay, straight, bi-sexual, transgender.  Anyone who shares our common goal is welcome.

We try to vary our activities – always off-setting a strenuous mountain biking trip with a relaxing BBQ at Monmouth Park or Texas Hold ’em tournament.  Or an expensive meet-up like whitewater rafting with a free hike or dog walk.

The girls tell me that they are so happy to have a different way to get out and get active – to try things they always wanted to do and to meet new friends that are looking to do the same.  A lot of great friendships have been made from our group and we have also had a few love connections!

TBP:  So what next for the ladies this summer?

Patti:  A ton.  Just to start, we are planning a kayak trip, a BBQ at Monmouth Park Racetrack, whitewater rafting, paddle surfing, and putting teams together for this year’s Diva Dodgeball tournament.

Look for our Summer Events Calendar at New Jersey Pride.

Our group is successful because of the great ideas, participation and encouragement from all of the members – they are the ones who make this group work.  I want to invite all the ladies to join in. 

For more information about LesGo!, click here.