A relatively new online event calendar featured on this site in the “What to Do” tab – highlights what is going on for Gay Pride and, more generally, around town all the time.   Bookmark it and check it often for the latest and greatest.

Check out the "Triangle of Glamour" Pride weekend downtown: Bond Street Pub, Parlor Gallery art opening and the Pop-Up Pride Party when go-go dancers take over the VFW Hall on Lake Avenue, Saturday,with a $10 cover vs. $25 insanity at Paradise.

The calendar is actively managed by local volunteers, coordinated by resident Matt Philbin.  I spoke with Matt to get the scoop…

Matt Philbin coordinates the calendar

TPB:  What is

Matt:  The site began as the most comprehensive calendar of Asbury Park concerts, theatre, cultural and municipal events. As time permits, additional content is being added to the site, such as Helen Pike’s blog “Pike in The Park.” The site has a related Facebook page ( with over 1,300 Likes. I created the site in July 2010.

TBP:  Why “.co” and not “.com”?

Matt: All the good .com domain names were taken. When the new .co domain was created, I grabbed “Dot co” will take a little time for people to get used to. But probably not too long as recently purchased, and for a reported $350,000 each. A is for Amazon, K is for Kindle and Z is for Zappos.

Two more examples: the new 929 telephone area code in New York City. Or when all the toll-free 800 numbers were exhausted, and supplemented by 888, 877, 866, etc.

TBP:  Why create the site and calendar?

Matt:  It’s my way of giving back to the community and helping to promote all that great things there are to do in Asbury Park. It was my belief that one comprehensive calendar should be created that could be linked to by other sites. With one click, you can add an event to your personal Google Calendar. If your mobile phone uses the Android operating system, the event instantly appears on the phone’s calendar as well.

TBP:  Who are you and what is your relation to the site / calendar?  

Matt:  I am a CPA and have worked for several tech companies, most recently a start-up that was acquired by Amazon.  I moved to Asbury Park full-time in October 2009 and volunteer at several area non-profits. I am also the Treasurer of the Asbury Park Chamber of Commerce.

I appreciate everyone who contributed events and linked to the site including The BPlot, Hotel Tides, Asbury Park Homeowners Association, and Wesley Grove Homeowners.

Click here for the 2011 Pride calendar.

Email Matt at: