Guest Columnist Michael Cook caught up with singer Kristine W, holder of the world’s record for most consecutive #1 Billboard Club Hits and headliner of Sunday’s Pride Festival…

Kristine W

Michael:  You have had an incredible 30-year career and “Fade” is your latest single from “The Power Of Music”. Tell me about the single.

Kristine W:  “Fade” was submitted by a couple of UK Writers when we started the project in 2007, and it’s the only song on the album that I didn’t write or co-write; I couldn’t get it out of my head.

The words were so profound, every person you meet becomes part of you when you meet them on life’s journey. You reflect on those times to find your happy place! A huge part of them is always a part of you. We gave the fans the opportunity to pick the next single on Facebook, and they chose “Fade”!

Michael:  You’re coming to Asbury Park to headline Gay Pride. Have you ever been to Asbury Park before? How excited are you to entertain everyone?

Kristine W:  I was with Shep Pettibone when he first opened Paradise, probably in 2000? It was so much fun, Asbury Park is full of so many great people! Two other really great friends, Peter and Carmen bought a place there, and they love it!

Michael:  You always seem to work with the hottest remixers!

Kristine W:  My relationship with Alex Acosta actually happened from the shows, he totally blew me away! I was up in the DJ booth and “who’s remix is that?”. I’m yelling in the booth at him, asking who’s mixes he was playing, and it turns out they were all his mixes. I had to kiss him right there, he’s so incredibly talented.

As for the Buzz Junkies, I love those guys. We just couldn’t find the right project to work on together, but “Fade” was the one, they turned it out! They had the right vibe and gave it a very electro mix. I’d never worked with (DJ & remixer) Manny Lehman and we finally got to work together as well. And what can you say about Johnny Vicious; he’s simply amazing!

Finally, we brought in new people like Chico, who’s the original album producer, and he made a fierce 2011 remix. At first, he wasn’t sure what he could bring to the table, but he turned it out. We introduced new people, like Chris Brown & Gustavo Scorpio to do mixes, and I’m loving those mixes as well.

Michael:  Larry Flick hosts “The Morning Jolt” on Sirius OutQ radio, on which you’ve been a frequent guest. How do you think shows like this are helping not just the LGBT community, but the music industry as a whole?

Kristine W:  Oh shows like this are definitely helping! I absolutely love Larry Flick. Some days I listen to that channel all day long. I really wish there were more public stations that are funny and positive, there are not nearly enough. It’s great to wake up to such great and hilarious banter.

Michael:  Any message for the fans Kristine?

Kristine W:  I love you! And I can’t wait to see you all at Jersey Pride in Asbury Park this Sunday (June 5th). It’s going to be a blast!