More with Asbury Park’s favorite style guy, Carson Kressley.  For Part 1 of the Coaster and TheBPlot’s interview with Carson, click here.

TBP: What’s hot style-wise for the Asbury Park beach this year?

Carson: I think we all need a change from jeans for the summer so white jeans are great. And every once in a while, take a look at your bathing suits. Make sure you have a bathing suit that flatters you and your body. The key to that is updating it every so often for your size and your body.

Color is fun too at the beach. We all have a little bit more of a tan and we have an opportunity to have fun with and wear bright colors. Aquas and corals and yellows are great this year.

TBP: Which celebrity would you most like to go shopping with?

Carson: Joe Manganiello from “True Blood” is really hot. I think he is so gorgeous. I really would like to take him shopping and see him in the dressing room with his shirt off. I’m not gonna lie!

Out of all the celebrities I have seen lately, I have not seen a lot from Joe style-wise and would love to style him for a fashion spread.

TBP: Do you keep in touch with other “Fab Five”?

Carson: I do. I do. That was such a life-changing time for all of us. When you go through something like that you are kind of bonded forever. Now we are all living all over and traveling all over the world. Kai just recently moved to New Orleans. So yes, we stay in touch but don’t see each other as much as we would like.

TBP: In “Carson Nation” you travel around the country. What do you do to relax in your downtime?

Carson: I do everything! I love to go to discount stores. Give me a Home Goods or TJ Max and I can occupy myself for like two days. I still love a bargain!

TBP: You and I have both spent time with Howard Stern. And you recently worked with his wife, Beth. Gay people still tell me that Howard is the Devil and that just kills me because he is just beyond wonderful, don’t you think? I think he is a gay man trapped in a straight man’s body actually.

Carson: I have had the good fortune to spend some downtime with Howard and his wife Beth and what strikes you is that the on-air personality of Howard versus the real Howard Stern hanging out with his wife is incredibly different.

He is incredibly bright and smart and talented and sensitive. In many ways by being shocking he has been supportive of our community. He really believes everybody should be able to do their own thing and is a really cool guy.

TBP: One of the many things people love about you I witnessed one day last summer on the beach – you are accessible. How does celebrity feel? What goes through your head when crowds of people surround you at Paradise (local gay bar)?

Carson: Well I have always been chatty. My life now is just a hyper-active version of that.

Coming from a place where growing up gay and people hating me because I am gay and then this show happens (“Queer Eye”) and it celebrates that part of me it really changes how you feel about yourself.

Now that has all calmed down now and I just am really thankful.

I have worked in regular jobs where once or twice a year your boss tells you “you are doing a great job, keep it up”. I get to hear that pretty often now and am so lucky.

People tell me they enjoy my work and that I am “really good at it” and so that feels really good.

And I try not to take it too seriously because fame and all that is really fleeting. You have to just be that same person you were before you were famous.

I just love seeing everyone around Asbury Park and at the beach and I say to everyone – don’t be shy, come say hi!

TBP: When “Queer Eye” first hit it, what did you buy to celebrate?

Carson: Well “Queer Eye’ came out in July that first year and that very first Christmas I bought my mom a mink coat. That was really fun.

Of course I tried it on many, many times before I gave it to her.

TBP: Your new show on OWN “Carson Nation” is “devoted to self-discovery, to connecting people to their best self and to the world.” What advice do you have for Anthony Weiner’s wife, Huma, about living her best self after a very public issue that was pretty stupid?

Carson: I think you need to follow your heart and relationships are incredibly difficult and challenging.

Weiner was a total dick and I think Huma needs to think long and hard and she needs to do what’s right for herself and not what’s right for his career or anything like that. Listen to your heart.

And to Weiner I would say just keep it in your pants!