Summertime and the living is easy at the beach.  Below are some decadent reads worthy of your sunscreen slathered hands…

Chelsea Handler's latest book is a fun beach read

“Lies that Chelsea Handler Told Me” is a bazaar series of mostly cringe-worthy and complicated jokes Handler plays on her devoted staff and family, told by her “victims.”

“Outing” of a seriously straight woman to her colleagues; destroying a newly wed couple’s honeymoon-of-a-lifetime with one email; urinating on a friend while having a emotional conversation; telling her boyfriend she was “pregnant” – you really have to “know” Handler to love this book. 

"Art Detective"

Otherwise, you will think she is a psychopathic comic who surrounds herself with painfully insecure hangers-on whose “thank you sir, may I have another” attitude for abuse lightly veiled in comedy and made easier with lush vacations to Cabo is painful.  If you know and love her, I promise the book is funny!

“The Art Detective”is a lively and compelling look inside the world of finicky experts, eccentric restorers, and art collectors willing to risk fortunes on a hunch by Philip Mould, “Antiques Roadshow” appraiser.  Mould shares his secrets and serves up his best stories — of his own discoveries and those of friends — with the skill of a consummate storyteller.

“The Man in the Rockefeller Suit”gives us the unbelieveable, never before told story of Christian Gerhartsreiter, aka Clark

"The Man in the Rockefeller Suit"

Rockefeller who made headlines in 2008 when he kidnapped his own daughter and seemingly vanished into thin air, revealing a lifetime of fraud in the highest international social circles. 

Mark Seal, the intrepid Vanity Fair contributing editor, interviewed more than 200 people who knew the man and discovered that his fraud was much deeper, more sinister and more widespread than anyone could have imagined.  Seal also digs deep into this jaw-dropping real-life “Talented Mr. Ripley” story’s most recent twist – in March Rockefeller was charged with the 1985 murder of his landlady’s son.

“Keeping the House” a romantic page-turner set in the 1950’s by Ellen Baker that’s getting rave reviews from the fancy-pants literary set and sunscreen wearing locals.  Dolly Manguson moves to Pine Rapids and soon realizes making marriage work is tricky and exhausting.  Her imagination is then seized by a vacant house and pieceing together the story of the fomer homeowners – unraveling dark secrets woven through generations.  Once you pick it up, you won’t put it down.

"Unlikely Friendships"

“Unlikely Friendships: 47 Remarkable Stories from the Animal Kingdom” features amazingly beautiful stories of interspecies friendships documented with photos that challenge everything we think we know about animal’s lives, by National Geographic writer Jennifer Holland.  A snake and a hamster; a cat and a bird; a dog and a dolphin; a hippopotamus and a goat – these “odd couple” stories are heartwarming and guaranteed to put a smile on your too-tan face! 

“A Father’s Love” details the international headline-making story of Tinton Falls resident David Goldman’s five-year battle to bring his son Sean – abducted by his ex-wife – back from Brazil.  Goldman lays it all on the “table” in this heartbreaking and insipiring saga to reveal what really happened during that half-decade until his reunion with his son on Christmas Eve 2009 and what life is like today at the Jersey Shore.

Lastly, “Read My Hips” by Ocean Grove resident Kim Brittingham will make you laugh out loud.  Read the Coaster and TheBPlot’s interview with the author here.