Six products that will love your skin as much as you love the sun…

Korres Milk Protein Cleanser

Korres Pomegranate Wipes & Milk Protein Cleanser

One of my all-time favorite brands – everything the Korres people make is fantastic.  Korres Natural Products is Greece’s fastest-growing natural skincare company, offering more than 400 natural and/or certified organic products that are both serious and sensuous… and reasonably priced for the quality.

Here and in The Coaster last year, I wrote about the fabulous Yoghurt Cooling Gel.  For summer, you will want the Pomegranate Cleansing Wipes in your beach bag and the Milk Proteins Cleanser in your medicine cabinet to keep your face fresh after a day of sweating on the Fifth Avenue beach.  Sephora and

Australian Gold Sheer Touch

Australian Gold SPF Sunscreen

It smells like summer!  Australian Gold Sheer Coverage Sunscreen with InvisiDry technology feels clean and smooth – the least greasy, non-shiny lotion sunscreen available.   The lotions combine sun protection along with skin hydrating oils to leave your skin nourished.  Features a luxurious formula with Native Coconut scent (most popular and recognizable sunscreen fragrance for a generation) for satiny, soft skin.  Available in SPF 8, 15 and 30.  Spellbinders in Allenhurst and

Jason Aloe Vera Gel

Jason Tea Tree Soothing Gel

This alcohol-free gel is one of Jason’s bestsellers for years… for a reason!  JASON Tea Tree Gel combines nature’s finest natural antiseptic, Australian Tea Tree Oil, with moisturizing Aloe Vera, cooling Witch Hazel and selected Herbal Extracts to heal and moisturize the skin.  Also, get quick relief from itchy insect bites, shaving nicks and other minor irritations.  The scent is relaxing and refreshing, too – it will make you smile at home and remind you of your day at the beach.  Whole Foods and

Pomega5 Purifying Mist

Pomega5 Daily Purifying Mist

A refreshing floral water toner – with rosewater, blue cornflower water and witch hazel water – infused with citrus essential oils and colloidal minerals to provide lightweight moisture, purify and balance pH of sun-weary skin.

Jason Satin Herbal Extracts Shower Body Wash

Foamy and luxurious, rich natural oils, emollients and humectants are combined to create an everyday luxury with. Use this beautifully fragranced, precious bubbling potion for your bath. Soothing Aloe Vera Gel, delightful HoneySuckle, Clove, Passion Flower, Sage, healing Goldenseal and Vitamin E are concentrated into a formula of unequaled quality.  Whole Foods and