Rodiney Santiago stars in the Logo reality show A-List New York featuring the lives of six gay and bisexual men living in New York.  Some call it “Housewives… with balls” referring to the similarity the show has to “Real Housewives of New York.”

Rodiney Santiago stars in A-List New York

Me?  All those reality shows make me cringe watching the horrible way “friends” treat each other, turning the word “drama” into a good thing.  It is all sad and gross and nothing like the reality I know.

That said, this Debbie Downer was still very interested in reading what Michael Cook learned after speaking with Santiago, the token bisexual, about Season 2 of A-List…

Michael:  Last year was such a roller coaster. What made you come back?

Rodiney:  Doing the show for me was definitely intense. I got so many opportunities from it though, so many good things have come into my life, you know? Dealing with drama is tough, and sometimes some of the other guys make the drama, but I can manage it.

Michael:  You’re calendar last year was a huge hit. This year, your calendar was shot by celebrity photographer (and your co-star on “The A List New York”, Mike Ruiz). How was it posing for the master?

Rodiney:  Mike did the calendar in L.A. with me, and it was very different than the one I did last year. He wanted to make it into a story, very redneck, very dirty and very sweaty! It comes out in 2 weeks and I’m very excited. We’re going to have a premiere party, so stay tuned for that also. For my calendar, 10% of what I make goes to charity also. I’m Brazilian, and in Brazil, you are who you are, gay rights really don’t come into play there at all. I want to protect kids; gay kids that are living on the street, not accepted by their families, kids like that.

Michael:  What does your family back in Brazil think of your role on “The A List New York”?

Rodiney:  My family back in Brazil don’t speak English, but they do know that I’m on the show. I’ve shown them some of the episodes. and my mom always wants to know that they’re saying, and some of it’s hard to translate. If it’s a negative, I don’t even translate it.  They’re happy, and if she thinks it’s good for me, I should do it. She knows I’m just living my life.

Michael:  If you were stuck on a desert island, which one of your cast members would you choose to have with you?

Rodiney:  Wow on an island with huh? I love Mike, he’s very sweet. I can spend time with Reichen, but not necessarily as a boyfriend. It’s all about the person really.

Michael:  Speaking of, are you and Reichen going to show a different side of your relationship this season?

Rodiney:  Reichen and I broke up, but we’ve stayed friends. It just didn’t work, but he’s a good person, which is why we’re still friends. It depends on how things end whether or not you stay friends; we just didn’t work out, but we stayed friends. Just because a relationship didn’t work doesn’t mean you can’t stay friends.

Michael:  Your show has been touted as “The Gay Housewives”. Do you watch any of Bravo’s “Housewives” franchises?

Rodiney:  I love the Housewives! I watch “New York”, “Beverly Hills”. “Atlanta” all of them. I actually watch Bravo alot. And to be honest, I find one of the “Housewives soo hot! I met Kelly Bensimon from “New York” recently and she is totally hot. When I met her she was was so funny and smart.

Michael:  So, after everything, would you do a third season of “The A List”?

Rodiney:  I would absolutely do a third season. This season was a blast, with lots of drama. I even have a date with a girl this season. It was a blast; like Ryan (Nicklaus, “A-List” cast member) says, “This is the life you live”!

A-List premiers Monday, July 25 at 10 pm on Logo.  Click here to watch a preview video and more.