Austin Armacost, one of the stars of Logo’s “A List New York” is back for Season 2 of the show that embraces its train-wreckness like few others.  He spoke with contributing TheBPlot writer Michael Cook…

Austin Armacost

Michael:  Austin, are you ready for the storm of publicity for the second season of “The A List New York”?

Austin:  I’ll be ready to get back to the United Kingdom when the publicity is over. My husband Jake and I moved there full time about two years ago. Our niece and nephew live there, and we miss them and are ready to get back.

Michael:  So you just appeared at the RipTide Party during SandBlast weekend, and you were present for this year’s gay pride festivities. What is it about Asbury Park that keeps you coming back?

Austin:  I love it in Asbury Park. We have friends that just bought a house here and it’s great. It’s sooo not “country” like so many people think when they automatically hear “Jersey”. Some of those guys won’t even come out here! It’s not shady at all to me; there are no labels, and everyone just likes to chill and not worry about other people. It’s definitely my kind of party.

Michael:  So will we see more of your husband Jake on this season of “A List”?

Austin:  You will definitely see a lot more of Jake. He got here six months ago, then got banned from the country and he can’t return for another 12 months. Basically, because Jake doesn’t have a vagina, we’re not technically “married” in the eyes of this government, so he can’t be here. I love the United Kingdom, and I never knew the real cause we were fighting for equality until I got married and it hit me personally. My relationship is faithful and committed, and we can’t get citizenship there because we’re both men. The “right wing” thinks we are actually going to affect their idea of what “marriage” is. It’s absolutely ridiculous.

Michael:  How does it feel to be considered the resident “villian” of the show?

Austin:  Last year I was 21 years old when we were filming. I was young, I loved to party, talk s**t, make fun of people, all that stuff. When it aired and I saw it, I could not believe that I was that much of a bitch. I mean, I definitely was that way, but I’ve grown up. Different people influence me, and I act a different way now.

A lot of what you see is true, but you also only get to see 75 minutes of what took 6 months to film, so they use the most dramatic and the worst parts of me; the nice parts of me are boring. It is accurate; this season I do try to grow and not be as violent and emotional, but I am who I am. I’m from Southern Indiana, so I may handle things differently, but it’s definitely all me.

Michael:  Do you watch any of the other shows in the “Housewives” franchise?

Austin:  I haven’t watched too many, a lot of it is like the same old same old, no big blow-ups. But the Jersey girls are brilliant. The NYC “Housewives” don’t ever want to go above a stern talking to, but to me that’s boring. Everyone I know from my 12 year old cousin to my 85 year old grandfather loves the Jersey girls!

Michael:  I’ve spoken to several of your “A List” cast members, and they all have other projects going on outside of the show. What else do you think you would want to do?

Austin:  Honestly though, I haven’t even thought about it. Some of my fellow cast members are opportunistic and want to capitalize on the fame. I honestly love watching myself on television. I could be on “Celebrity Rehab” next year and be fine with that. Rodiney (Santiago, co-star of “The A List”) can sell 10,000 of his calendars, I’m just not about that.

Michael:  This season, you have a new castmember, Nyasha Zimucha. How does it feel to have not just a new castmember added to the mix, but a female?

Austin:  Nyasha is awful; she’s a terrible human being. The only thing real about her are her designer clothes. She will let you know that they are designer from day one to! During our promo shoot, she must have said over 100 times about her “Dior” glasses or her “Chanel” clutch, all the while secretly smoking. There is absolutely nothing real about her. Ryan, TJ, & Derek (the other “A List” cast members) are feminine, so they are drawn to her like moths to a “flamer” LOL. Reichen, Mike (Ruiz) and I are enjoying the masculine energy this year. If those bitches want her, they can have her. She’s just a mean person and I don’t like that. She definitely wants to keep her spot on the show!

A lot of people are actually talking about the Season 2 trailer where she screams about “hitting a woman”. What actually happens is that I go for Rodiney and she had been drinking and was in the way; she barely gets touched. I wish I was a woman, I’d love to just kick her ass! She looks down at everyone like she is the queen.

Michael:  Do you think you would do a Season 3 of “The A List”?

Austin:  I’m 23, where else would I be? Reichen (Lehmkuhl, co-star of “The A List”) has done many things to “get famous” so to speak. If you ask me, when you get that old, it’s time to hang up your dancing shoes I’d say.