There is a special party on the lake next week and you are invited.

Josh Zuckerman performs at the upcoming ArtsCap Concert on the Lake

ArtsCAP has organized a tri-fecta of great fun for its third annual Concert on the Lake with two performers at one of the most beautiful homes in our city on Deal Lake.

I spoke last week with the fundraiser’s two headliners, Josh Zuckerman and Carl Chesna, about the city where music is living large and the event.

Carl Chesna performs with Josh Zuckerman next Saturday (Aug. 13)

TBP:  You both have been performing inAsbury Parkfor more than a decade, how has the music ‘scene’ changed in the more recent past?

Carl:  There are lots more venues that have become music staples to play now than in a long time and there are tri-state area bands wanting to come play in the city from other areas as well as lots of national acts which says a lot about how the city is moving forward.

TBP:  What makes the city special to performers?

Josh:  Being in the place where legends like Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi got their start.  And I love how the GLBTI population has assisted in developing the city’s musical culture as it is today.

Carl:  The colorful cast of characters that make up the audience make Asbury Park a special place to perform as well as the history of music here – from the jazz clubs of the west side to the Uptown which is currently being restored.

TBP:  You both write beautiful, soulful music.  How has the area influenced your songs?

Carl:  The ocean and the city itself is inspiring and finds its way into my music both in rhythm and lyric.  Sometimes I hear it in the drone of my guitar like the ebb and flow of the tide.

Josh:  My music is inspired by life experiences so Asbury has influenced me indirectly.  I shot my first music video here at Paradise – I love you Shep (Pettibone, the club’s owner) – and have since developed a friendship with everyone atParadise.  They have been so loyal to me ever since.

TBP:  You have traveled around the country performing.  What are your local fans like?

Josh:  They treat me so great here.  I had one guy yell out “Let the young guy sing a song.”  I thought, “Young guy?”  [laughs]  Also, I have had people ask me to sign my name in places I cannot mention.

Carl:  One tends to wear many hats in this town.  For me, I have been a real estate broker, waiter, host of events and more.  I remember I sold a house to a couple and a few months later they saw me on stage at the Pony.  They ran over and asked “What the hell are you doing up there?”  It’s funny because there is lots of cross-over. Instead of the butcher, baker and candlestick maker, inAsbury Park, you get the waiter, the realtor and rock and roll singer all in one!

TBP:  And you will be rocking the house, literally, at the ArtsCAP’s Concert on the Lake next Saturday.  The property is owned by the most under-the-radar patron of most-everything culturally important in the area, Hany Awadalla.

Josh:  I have been writing new songs and cannot wait to perform them for everyone!

Carl:  Yes, Josh and I and some special guest musicians are going to really turn it out.  It will be a very dynamic set of pretty intense original music – all in a great setting in the city where music is alive!

ArtsCAP’s Concert on the Lake, Saturday, August 13 at 6 pm, 1115 Sunset Drive.  Benefit tickets are $25 at, via PayPal or at the door.  Proceeds will enrich our local community’s arts endeavors.  Includes cocktails, hors du vors and dessert at one of the most amazing homes in the city you probably have never been to.

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