The beautiful Eva “Magazine” Magdalenski  is one of the most under-appreciated side-kicks to comic Chelsea Handler.  Her musings are featured in one of the best summer 2011 beach books, “Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me.”

I spoke with Eva last week about her life as an alcoholic celebrity comic’s personal assistant and her renowned scrapbooking trends…

Eva Magdalenski

TBP:  Your chapter was one of my top favorites for a number of reasons, including that you turned the tables and played a great joke on Chelsea involving her family! Have you ever been able to “get her”?

Eva:  No, I have never met someone who is as hard to “get” as Chelsea is. Every time anyone tries she always turns it back on them. A joke for a joke makes the whole office cry.

TBP:  You write a lot about scrapbooking in New York Times bestseller “Lies.”  What are your scrapbooking tips for Summer 2011?

Eva:  Primary colors are so hot right now, and new on the scene is an eye of the tiger color theme. And glitter. Always glitter. Who cares if people call it the herpes of arts and crafts?

TBP:  Have you ever been to the Jersey Shore, specifically the Asbury Park area (home of Springsteen) or would you like anyone from the “Jersey Shore” to be in you? I can see you running off with Ronnie or Pauly D.

Eva:  No plans to run off with Ronnie or Pauly D anytime soon… but don’t count “The Situation” out just yet. I admire a nicely maintained set of spiked curls.

TBP:  In “Lies” you say you know tons of trivia about comics. What is the most useless, yet important, bits of trivia about some comics that we should know?

Eva:  Chelsea likes Belvedere Vodka and Josh Wolf puts his balls on everything in the office (or, always know what a woman likes and stay as far away from everything in the green room as possible. There may or may not lingering ball sweat residue).

TBP:  Do you have any great, overlooked summer movie suggestions to rent on rainy days?

Eva:  Of course you have Steve Martin in “The Jerk,” John Ritter in “Problem Child,” & always an inspirational favorite “The Secret.”

TBP:  As a gay guy, I am only pretty sure that women don’t say “my clit is burning for you” to straight guys they work with via email.  That was the beginning of one of the jokes Chelsea played on you over the years.  What kind of straight guy is this Rick (guy who received the email) to fall so hard for the joke?

Eva:  In real life he’s a great guy and overall I’ve learned a lot by working with him.

TBP:  You are gorgeous.  What was the best pick up line you have heard recently?

Eva:  Ryan Basford taught me this one… “Excuse me, do you know how much a polar bear weighs?” (No) “Enough to break the ice. Nice to meet you…”

TBP:  When I worked for Howard Stern I was so lucky to meet so many amazing people.  Some I loved (LaToya Jackson, Carol Leifer, Richard Belzer) and just one, not so much (Roger Daltrey).  Who has impressed you during your time with Chelsea?

Eva:  I get to meet a lot of interesting celebrities, and typically I don’t “fan out” but I got to meet Will Ferrell and shake his hand. I love and adore him so that was a pretty big deal for me.

TBP:  What has been life like for you after “Lies” published? Like are friends and strangers concerned for your safety? I was expecting you to headline the Gay Pride festival with Roy driving you in a short bus, last weekend! Smile.

Eva:  As a New York Times #1 best-selling author…men are constantly throwing themselves at me. It’s a lot of work. But I’m always ready with a pink Sharpie ready for all my autograph requests.

TBP:  You graduated with a business degree from the University of Denver. Do you think the recession is over? What are your thoughts on the economy? Any advice for Obama?

Eva:  The cycle of an economy has peaks and valleys. You can’t have the peaks without the valleys. I love the valleys as they make it possible for us to have the peaks.

TBP:  Some people say that it’s difficult to see the humor in “Lies” in between the painful jokes all for the amusement of a bored multi-millionaire. What do you think?

Eva:  I love Chelsea with all my heart, and being her wingman for a few office pranks are some of the best experiences and memories that I have. Chelsea makes work fun. She’s taught me that you have to be able to stop and laugh at yourself.

TBP:  For those who don’t know, how did you get your nickname “Eva Magazine”? My polish mother loves your last name.

Eva:  Shout out to your polish mother! Roy Handler, Chelsea’s brother, came up with the nickname “Eva Magazine.” He has a big head but can’t remember a lot of things.

TBP:  What do you want people to know about you that might not come across in “Lies”?

Eva:  Good question. I guess I would like people to know how grateful I am to Chelsea for giving me the opportunity to be in her new book. I’ve been really lucky to work with such a great person like Chelsea.

TBP:  How do you want to end this interview?

Eva:  Chelsea rules!

Visit Eva’s website, EvaMagdalenski.com and learn what’s on Chelsea Lately tonight by clicking here.