Everything is bigger in Texas – especially the personalities on the new Dallas-based reality show, Most Eligible Dallas.  Michael Cook spoke with castmember Drew Ginsburg, whose profile on Bravo’s website paints him as a lost twentysomething struggling with self esteem issues with a 200 pound weight loss success story and an ex-boyfriend he can’t figure out what to do with.

Drew Ginsburg is a castmember on Bravo's new Most Eligible Dallas

Michael:  So you mention in the trailers for the show that your family lineage is pretty impressive.

Drew:  My family name (Ginsburg) is extremely well-known in the area. I work in the family business, we control 10 car dealerships in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and one in San Francisco.

Michael:  What do you think will be different about “Most Eligible Dallas” that will separate it from the other Bravo ensemble shows like the “Real Housewives” franchise?

Drew:  I think it’s completely different. We have a mixed gender cast that covers a big cross section of Dallas society.

Michael:  What have your friends had to say about your role on “Most Eligible Dallas” so far?

Drew:  All of my close friends keep telling me I’m going to be a star. I’m a very humble guy and I really don’t think I’m going to be a star at all. I have no high expectations, the whole experience has just been so unreal!

Michael:  “The A-List Dallas” is premiering soon from LOGO. Will you be watching?

Drew:  I really don’t think I’ll be watching, no. I was approached to be a cast member on “The A-List Dallas” and turned it down. For one thing, I don’t drink, so I figured why not break another stereotype and join a show where drinking is not a big thing.  Honestly, I think shows like “The A-List” are a complete step backward for us as a gay society; we’ve come a long way already.

Michael:  You pride yourself on being a different type of gay man. What separates you from the pack?

Drew:  Right now, I’m sitting in my office staring at $5 to 10 million worth of Audi automobiles. I have a huge passion for cars, and am passionate about racing, horsepower, etc. I would completely fail at dressing you – anything with fashion like that is not my thing. I will confess though, I can’t drive a manual transmission or change an oil, but I can control a car going up to 220 mph. I have always said, the first accessory someone will see on you before anything else is your car!

Michael:  Many shows that are regionally-based, like Jersey Shore have cast members who get a tremendous amount of backlash.

Drew:  Believe it or not, I’ve never watched an episode of “Jersey Shore”. Honestly, with success, there are always going to be haters. In my family business, I started out washing cars and worked my way up into marketing. That’s a huge deal for me, but people are always going to hate success. You really find out who your friends are, and I’ve actually been wanting to spend a lot more time with my true friends recently.

Michael:  What do you hope to show America from being on “Most Eligible Dallas”?

Drew:  I hope to show them that it may be Texas, but it’s very diverse and not closed-minded at all. I’m hoping that I blow away some of the stereotypes of “gay people”. I didn’t feel like the producers tried to push me into something I wasn’t comfortable with. I mean, if they had said “go shoe shopping with Tara” (Harper, fellow “Most Eligible Dallas” cast member), I would not have been comfortable with that. I don’t fit into a lot of the stereotypes and I’m hoping to show people that.

Most Eligible Dallas premiers Monday, August 15 at 10 pm.  Click here for a preview.


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