This weekend’s pop-up art exhibition on the boardwalk pays homage to our ocean and the sport of surfing, featuring nationally recognized and burgeoning artists’ work.

SEA.HEAR.NOW, curated by Tim Donnelly, Brett Schillaci, Tim Sramowicz (Rebearth Art Supply) and Damien Hiller, is a special collection of art in a variety of media, including the unveiling of a joint venture between rock and roll photographer Danny Clinch and surfboard craftsman Travis Reynolds.

This longboard, a collaboration between rock photographer Danny Clinch and Travis Reynolds, will be on display this weekend.

I spoke with Donnelly and Sramowicz and Artist Scott Szegeski about the exhibit, which they all agree is a special opportunity to see talent rarely on display in this size or venue.

TBP:  This is the second pop up exhibit you have produced together.

Donnelly:  The last installation we did had more than 600 visitors in three hours.  That response encouraged us and we decided this time to point SEA.HEAR.NOW to surfing and the ocean.

Tim (Sramowicz) and I have been surfers for years.  Four months ago we began calling up our talented friends from that world and the response from established and up and coming talent was phenomenal.

Artists from the west coast and Hawaii have heard of what is going on in Asbury Park and wanted to support the community here.

This show will have some of the best work from the most acclaimed surfing related photographers, painters and mixed media artists as well as very talented locals.  It’s gallery level and quality.

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TBP:  I see the excitement in your eyes when you talk about a showcase piece by Danny Clinch, who readers may know from his photographs of Bruce Springsteen and Pearl Jam.

Donnelly:  Danny and Travis Reynolds who is a world renowned surfboard maker.  Danny took some of his never seen photos and glassed them into a specially created 11 foot longboard by Travis.  The process has never been done before – usually surfboard art is done on top of the board.

Together they created something one of a kind and we are unveiling it in Asbury Park.

I also got chills and welled up when we decided to pay tribute to surfer and artist Jack Meyer.  He was very talented and meant a lot to both of us and the surfing community everywhere.

Szegeski:  Jack Meyer was one of the originators of ocean-inspired art for surfboards.  He was a local Ocean County guy whose influence in surf art is still around today.  He brought a cooler east coast feel to the art where, before him, it was mostly a sunny California feeling.

Sramowicz:  Over the past 15 or 20 years surf art has grown into an important, unique and influential form of art and in some ways it is still emerging and evolving.

If this type of art is something you have not seen before, we created this for you – it’s accessible art.  It is beyond coffee table books.  Come to the exhibit and you will be getting many of the best representations of the genre available.  We have some of the best pieces in the world in this exhibit this weekend.

Donnelly:  This exhibit is a celebration surfing and the ocean… and of the “local” (extended) summer, as we surfers say.

SEA.HEAR.NOW, Friday to Sunday (Sept. 16 to 18) at the Fifth Avenue Pavilion.  Friday night opening party 8 pm to midnight; Saturday 11 am to midnight, party begins at 8 pm; Sunday 11 am to 6 pm.

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