Asbury Park’s longest standing real estate office is new again, with the executive team’s recent implementation of the latest in sales technology for clients.

“We like to say Conover is the oldest new real estate agency in the area,” said Anthony Newarski, the agency’s President of Business Operations.  “We have seen and lived and breathed the changes of this area longer than anyone and are evolving to meet the needs and service requirements of the next generation customer.”

Conover circa the early 1900’s.

Almost a year ago, the John Conover Agency began a three year plan of innovation in all aspects of the century old firm, which includes a new website and online presence along with technology upgrades to assist sales agents.

“Buyers used to come to their realtors looking for recommendations of homes to buy,” said Newarski.  “Today, buyers come into our office with a list they pulled from the internet and say ‘these are the list of homes I want to see’.  Eighty eight percent of buyers use the internet to find their new home.”

A realtor since 2004, Newarski recognized the changing real estate landscape and spearheaded a sea-change at the Conover agency, providing services and tools usually available at larger boutique real estate agencies in New York City and other top markets.

Newarski says his agency was the first in Asbury Park to implement Quick Read “QR” codes – black and white digitized icons scanned by Smartphones – to promote listings and in marketing collateral.

Drive by a Conover listing in town, scan the QR code in the silhouette of a house from your car and interior images along with detailed property information will appear on your phone.

“In three years, they say that the majority of buyers will research listings with a mobile device,” said Newarski.  “We offer that technology now.  Conover is cutting edge – at the forefront but will always have more to do.”

Scan Conover’s QR code above with your Smartphone App (its free) for the map of Sunday’s free ‘Eat  Greet’ Asbury Park house tour.  Each of the 11 homes on the tour will showcase cuisine from a different area restaurant.

Conover is also rolling out a program of custom sales websites for listings and its realtors along with marketing alliances with Google, Facebook, Zillow, Trulia, Twitter, YouTube and TheBPlot.com and an in-house graphics department to create the content.

“We give our agents more tools than any other agency to insure their buyers and sellers are satisfied, above all else,” said Newarski.  “Our agents know client satisfaction matters more than one commission check.  Sometimes other agents look at the commission split before showing a house and may not show it.  Steadfast integrity will bring realtors referrals and more business than one commission.”

Newarski says this new philosophy and infrastructure investment is paying off, with one recent Asbury Park listing going into attorney review in seven days with a closing a few weeks later.

“Comparing the first six months of last year to this year, business is up 72 percent in Asbury Park and 20 percent overall,” said Newarski.  “Considering the current market conditions, it is obvious buyers and sellers are responding.”

The next phase of the “new” Conover Agency will be expansion, including new territories and the recruitment of experienced agents.

“We have been the Number One real estate firm in Asbury Park since 2001 and we plan to keep it that way through continued investments that keep us ahead of the competition,” concluded Newarski.

More at ConoverNJ.com.  For more about the Garden State Rainbow Pride event’s Eat & Greet open house tour, sponsored by Conover, featuring 11 Asbury Park homes and 11 restaurants, scan the Quick Response code above or click here.