Dr. Bevery Drozd of Home Veterinary Service in Belford, answers more of your questions below in Part 2 of this story.  In Part 1, she talks about $20 pet food and why cats love running water.  Click here for the first part of this story.

Truman the pit bull on the trails in northern New Jersey

Q:  My dogs go outside, my cats don’t. Can my dogs transfer germs to my cats or since they are completely different species, are they immune to each others diseases? Katie from Tinton Falls

Dr. Beverly: Most viruses are species specific, meaning a dog virus or a cat virus. Rabies is one exception to the rule and parasites such as fleas are more likely to be transmitted from one species to another.

Q:  I had two cats, a brother and sister, and one passed recently. Of course, our house was devastated. Is the brother who is still alive grieving or just feeling our emotions? Is it a good idea to get a new kitten immediately (within two months)? Greg via Facebook

Dr. Beverly. It really depends on a few things. An older animal may not want a new companion. Also, the circumstances – for example, did your cat pass away from something contagious that the other cat may have been exposed to as well? Check with your vet before bringing any new cat into the house and use your best judgment if the older cat would be happy not sharing attention at this point in his life.

Q:  Is it important for pets to have organic food? Eileen from Ocean Grove

Dr. Beverly: Pet foods do not necessarily need to be organic. Pet owners should stay with foods that are not loaded with fillers, preservatives, dyes and colorings.  As I said earlier, quality pet food, with less cheap filler, is more important.

Q:  Vitamins made for humans are cheaper than those made for pets. How can I figure out the correct dosage of human grade Glucosamine for my 50 pound dog? Or is this not a good idea? Leah from Allenhurst

Dr. Beverly: For a 50 pound dog, I would advise 1000 mg of Glucosamine / 800 mg Chondroitin per day. I usually give with over the counter formulas is that the FDA does not regulate “neutraceuticals” like they do pharmaceuticals, so the amount on the label may not be the actual dosage you are giving your dog. Be sure to choose a well-researched, reputable brand.

Dr. Beverly is one of the absolute best, most honest, smart and caring veterinarians in our area.  Beyond her reasonable pricing, her experience and education are impressive.  Call her for more information:  732.787.0055, extension 3.

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