Some would say that every week is Dog Week in our area, however officially, National Dog Week continues until Sunday.

Captain Will Judy founded Dog Week 83 years ago to both honor the canine companions that faithfully serve in the military and bring attention to the too many dogs left in the care of animal shelters.

In honor of National Dog Week, I asked Dr. Beverly Drozd of Home Vet Service, who reliably keeps our area companion animals happy and healthy – and a Yahoo Local five-star business.  Here are answers to some of your pressing pet questions…

Truman monitors the mountains

Q:  Is it okay for my dog to drink out of a public water bowl that other dogs have drank out of or will germs transfer?  Dottie via email.

Dr. Beverly:  There is no more risk from a water bowl than licking and sniffing each other or the grass. The FIV Virus lives less than one minute outside the body, so it is usually spread through intimate contact like fighting or breeding.

Q:  What do you think of electric collars to inhibit dogs barking?  Randolph From Allenhurst.

Dr. Beverly:  I prefer the citronella collars which give a blast of citronella rather than a shock.   The results are the same and many would say more humane.

Q:  I live in Asbury Park and my friends let their cats outdoors.  I think living in a city with all sorts of people and speeding cars it is not a good idea and unsafe for cats to be outdoors nowadays.  What do you think?  Shalnini via email.

Dr. Beverly:  Staying indoors is definitely the safer option for many reasons nowadays, including disease spreading, fighting, traumas.  Some people feel cats deserve the freedom but that does come with many inherent risks to consider before opening the door.

Q:  My dog eats goose droppings.  Is that something I should be concerned with?  Beth from Asbury Park

Bird droppings are laden with bacteria.  I see dogs that come in with diarrhea after eating goose droppings regularly.  Typically, the bacteria respond to medicine.  I call it the “Goose Poop Blues.”

Q:  Do cats and dogs dream?  Is there any research into what they dream about? Jon from Ocean Township

Dr. Beverly:  We know they do go through REM sleep patterns which is when our dreams occur.  I do not know how we would assess if they actually dream or what they dream about.

Q:  Why are my cats fascinated by running water in the sink?  Julie from Ocean Township.

Dr. Beverly:  Fresh, running water tends to be colder, less stale and more oxygenated and therefore more appealing.  Drink up!

Q:  A friend is a vegetarian and believes her dog should be too?  I think dogs need meat to survive.  What do you think?  Elyssa via Facebook.

Dr. Beverly:  Dogs are carnivores.  The only time I advise a vegetarian diet is when the dog has severe food allergies that include aversion to meat protein sources.

What about organic food for pets?  Dr. Beverly answers more of your questions – click here. 

Dr. Beverly has both office hours in Belford (30 minute drive north) and home visiting hours. Call for more information: 732.787.0055, extension 3. Tell them you read about it in TheBPlot!