Janet Jay, of Ocean Township, emailed me recently about the book “Readwood to Deadwood” she just finished reading with her local book club and I asked her to share her review…

Redwood to Deadwood by Colin Flaherty

Hitchhiking?  I think I saw something about that in the museum, right next to the dinosaurs.

Hitchhiking disappeared, and writer Colin Flaherty wanted to find out what happened to it. Or what it would be like to roam around America for three months with a thumb out and a sense of adventure.

So that is what he set out to do, then write a book about it.

He succeeded admirably in his new book Redwood to Deadwood: a 53-year old dude hitchhikes across the United States. Again.

He writes: “Before I tucked my thumb in for the final time, I’d run with wild horses. Visit a pot farm. Hunt big game. Poach big game. Get by a police helicopter. Get info family feuds. Ride in cop cars. Reconnect with old friends. Make new ones. Get tired and exhilarated. Lost and found. Kicked out and invited in.

“I know how to cook muskrat, squirrel and rockchuck. And oh yea, I almost got killed.”

All from hitchhiking around the country for three months.

Hitchhiking? Who the heck does that any more anyway? The guy was 53-years old for Cripes sakes. The book is half Keroauc, half Dave Barry, and half whoever your favorite ‘moving’ author is.

That’s too many halves, isn’t it? Oh well. This book will make you lose track of what you thought you knew.

Funny how The Boss never got around to writing a song about hitchhiking. If he reads this book, he probably will.

The writing is top notch. He not only makes you feel as if you are there, he makes you feel that you want to be there. And the part of the book where he hitchhikes to meet the people who were with his brother when he died in Viet Nam is not to be missed.

I don’t even know if there is a genre of hitchhiking books out there. But this is the best hitchhiking I have ever read or even heard about.  My friend heard about it when she was sitting next to a guy on an airplane who was reading it. He was laughing out loud. So she asked about it. He said that was how he heard about it too.

That’s how my friends and I heard about it. And we are richer for it.

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