Local  merchants, craftsman and artists will come together offering a unique opportunity for shoppers looking for a quality Columbus Day bargain Monday at the city’s first Merchant’s Flea Market.

I spoke with one of the organizers of the event, the beautiful and talented Megan Gerrity, owner of Blue Hawaii vintage clothing on Bangs Avenue about her plans for the sale and her store.

Megan Gerrity invites anyone and everyone to either sell or shop at the Merchant's Flea Market on Monday.

TBP:   I love a good sale.  What can I expect?

Megan:  This is everything and everyone great converging in one place for affordable shopping.

We are doing this because, in talking with locals, it seemed that people are looking for good quality, handmade, vintage items or just really good newer stuff at good prices.

We are working really hard to make sure the sale won’t have junk.  I have seen some of the items vendors plan to sell and it is all good!

TBP:  Which merchants will be there?

Meghan:  I know we will have many vendors from the area – from store owners, to artists, to special talents who have been looking for a place to sell their handmade creations.

We are still registering vendors and will be up until the sale starts on Monday.  Anyone is welcome to come, set up a table and sell.

Sweet Joey will be selling some really cool jewelry.  Billy Mecca will sell his photography there.  The Trading Post will have lots of great name brand clothing and accessories and of course there will be a lot of vintage clothing for men and women from Blue Hawaii.

I will be selling all types of sportswear, workwear, cocktail dresses, sweaters, purses, coats and much more at the VFW Hall.

All the items are in great shape, super quality and have fantastic style from the 1950’s to 80’s.  Most clothes will be priced from one dollar to around $30 for something really great and hard to find.  And I will also have a few fantastic new-in-the-store items, too.

TBP:  Blue Hawaii is a really great store in town as well as online at Esty.  I love the ultra “Mad Men” twin sets and cocktail dresses with embellished collars and cuffs.

Megan:   I feel confident and beautiful when I have a great 60’s Saks Fifth Avenue print dress on and I wanted to share that feeling with everyone.  This sale is an extension of my store – pieces that have just not found their new home yet.

TBP:  What is your goal with the Merchant’s Flea Market?

Megan:   Pat Jordan from the Trading Post came up with the idea for a flea market few months ago.  We were talking about ways to keep the momentum going for the downtown area in the off season.

We hope that we can make this an event every two months or so.  I am excited about the Holiday Bazaar that we are planning too.

Living in town, I have met so many people that are so incredibly talented knitters or sewers or make something so rare and special and Pat and I wanted to give them an outlet to sell their merchandise alongside the businesses in town.

TBP:  Today they have a table, in a few years they have a store.

Merchant’s Flea Market, Monday, Oct. 10, 10 am to 4 pm at the VFW Hall, 701 Lake Avenue.  Vendors email:  AsburyFlea@gmail.com.