Guest columnist Michael Cook gets the scoop about the first season of A List Dallas from James Doyle, one of the castmembers of the show…

Michael:  How has it been going from your grandmother being your biggest fan to having fans around the country?

James:  I just had my picture on the front page of the Houston Chronicle. To be honest, people have known my name for awhile, I hear people talking about me when I’m out. Now I hear people saying things about “The A List” and looking at me. It’s definitely weird; I still hang out with the same people, but now I get free drinks!

James Doyle is one of the stars of A List Dallas

Michael:  Was it a hard decision to sign up for a show that is bound to be dissected by the gay community?

James:  I didn’t watch the “A List New York” so I didn’t really have anything to compare it to. The bottom line is, the gay community “eats their own young” so to speak. You are always criticized, even more than the straight community. I feel that since I’m already talked about, why not give them a reason? I have a great life and wanted to give my friends the ability to benefit as well.

Michael:  Besides a first class lesson is partying, what do you hope to show America about you?

James:  Well this year I may have partied a little too hard, but I had to get it out of my system. Being from a small town in Oklahoma and being bullied at a young age, I wanted to also show that you can make something of yourself. It’s so funny, all those people that were so mean to me before are so nice to me now!

Michael:  Based on what the first episode shows, you are going to be drawing some comparisons to Austin from the “A List New York” cast. Do you think it’s a fair comparison?

James:  I’ve gotten a chance to talk to him actually. I don’t think either of us know what we want to do with our lives! He seems to have his love life together, whereas mines a tragic wreck (LOL). We both like to party hard, we both say things out of context, but we both bring completely different things to the cast.

Michael:  Why do you think Dallas is getting so much attention right now? You’re one of several shows to feature the Lone Star State, specifically Dallas?

James:  Dallas really is amazing. Shows tend to skip over us sometimes, but there are actually some really interesting people here. It’s not just all about the East/West Coast, Dallas deserves the attention and I’m glad it’s happening.

I actually know Drew Ginsburg from “Most Eligible Dallas”. He tried out for “A List” but we really don’t talk about the shows when we are out, it’s not a competition for us.

Michael:  Any dishy dirt you can share about the upcoming season?

James:  Our show is a very “growing” show. I like to say that we all start out as rocks, then by the end we have all become diamonds. We all have issues and we give everything to the public on the show, then come out on the other side. I’ve found that doing a reality show is one of the biggest forms of self-reflection ever. I’m going to learn a lot.

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