Another stellar turnout for Zombie Walk 2011.  Cheers to Jason Meehan and team for transforming an average off-season Asbury Park weekend into the only place to be for thousands of undead and the people who love them.

Zombie Walk 2011

Let the lobbying begin – give Jason Meehan the damn recognition he deserves for his year-round tireless work to make this event happen.  Start with a Carousel Award from the Asbury Park Chamber of Commerce! 

Forget the BS’ers in town, driven by greed, sex or dysfunction.  Jason is a rock star do-er whose efforts deserve recognition, celebration and thanks. 

How many other events in town attract, during the off season, thousands of visitors 5 to 50 in age ready to spend money for an entire day?  A recent 247WallSt.com article detailed the value of all Zombie festivals in the US around $10 million noting that figure is “extremely understated.”

“Jason and his Zombies are my heroes every October,” said one Asbury Park business owner.  “If I compare my (revenue) numbers for other fall weekends around the Zombie weekend, they don’t come close.  For that weekend I know to bring in more staff with a guarantee it all pays for itself in multiples.  That’s a real-life, Main Street impact on the economy, Mr. Obama.”

Another local business owner agreed, “Zombie Weekend gives me early summer weekend numbers in October.  The people who chose not to nominate Jason for an award last year are clueless.”

Zombies take over the Asbury Park boardwalk, October 22, 2011

Meehan told me last year that he spends hundreds of hours making Zombie Weekend happen because he loves it, not for an award.  Zombies are his labor of love.  And those are the types of people in town who deserve a pat on the back.

Thousands of the undead walked single file into the downtown district of Asbury Park

Last year, when Meehan’s Zombies put Asbury Park in the Guinness Book of World Records, the Asbury Park Chamber of Commerce did not nominate him for an award because they thought he would not be able to purchase a $1000 table at the awards ceremony among other even more stupid reasons from select members.  Raise your voice to ensure Jason gets his props this year!

Zombie Yappy Hour at the Wonderbar was a great place to watch the undead.

Cheers also to the fabulous Debbie DeLisa of the WonderBar for another fantastic Zombie Yappy Hour, the happiest place on earth.  If everyone could take a lesson from the dogs at Yappy Hour – all shapes and sizes respecting each other and getting along – the world would be a much better place.  Click here for the WonderBar’s Zombie Yappy Hour photo album

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Photos courtesy of Matthew and Olivia Zahorsky.