Jon Kutlu, formerly of “Jerseylicious,” breaks out and into Style Network’s new reality show “Glam Fairy” with his BFF Alexa Prisco.  Michael Cook spoke with Jon – who seems to be a little more down to earth than the run-of-the-mill reality show cast member – about the show and what is in store…

Michael:  How did you meet Alexa the “Glam Fairy”?

Jon:  We actually met in college 9 years ago. She was the only girl at William Patterson with platinum hair and a designer bag. We became friends then and there.

Jon Kutlu, cast member of "Glam Fairy"

Michael:  How does it feel being recognized?

Jon:  I was getting recognized a little from “Jerseylicious”, but now with the ads and promotion for “The Glam Fairy”, it’s amazing.  Sometimes I forget why people are recognizing me.  I went to 7-11 this morning for coffee and a girl saw me and said “oh my God can I take a picture with you.”  For a split second I thought, “Why?”

Michael:  Would you do a “A List” Jersey Shore edition?

Jon:  I would definitely do it. I will say though, I don’t get along with a lot of gay guys. I really dislike the “stereotype”.

Michael:  What are some of your favorite Jersey haunts?

Jon:  I absolutely love going out! I like going to Manhattan, and I also love hanging out in Hoboken. I love going running, and I’m also very spiritual. In the city, I love G, Barracuda, and I love the Gansevoort Hotel’s rooftop; it’s amazing!

Michael:  What is the deal with you and Glammo (the new stylist hired by Alexa)?

Jon:  It’s a great show, we really are having a blast. As for Glammo, we are not going to get along, to be honest, I never get along with people with personalities like that. If I don’t get along with you in the beginning, it’s doubtful that I’m going to get along with you at all. It’s not what he does professionally, it’s him as a person. He’s very in your face, very dramatic, and he just doesn’t care who he offends. He wakes up thinking he’s “Susan Lucci on Steroids” but he’s not at all.

Michael:  What other “Jersey” reality shows are you loving right now? Are you a fan of the Housewives like the rest of the boys inJersey?

Jon:  Definitely, I love the Housewives! I watch “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” too, not much else. My television is either on the Discovery channel, Dateline NBC, and I love crime shows!

Michael:  What can America expect from you on “The Glam Fairy”

Jon:  I’m the kind of guy that stands by what I believe and by my values, and I try to always be a good friend.  I really want to become America’s new gay BFF. And I think I’m gonna do it!