The latest break through show on Logo, Bad Sex, has critics recognizing the network is more than the “RuPaul channel.”  Michael Cook spoke with the host of the show that has people talking, Chris Donaghue…

Chris Donaghue of Logo's Bad Sex

Chris Donaghue of Logo's Bad Sex

Michael:  Tell me a little about your background.

Chris: I was an East Coast boy definitely. I went to a private high school in Delaware, and spent weekends in Sea Isle at my family’s beach house. We spent time at my grandparents house on Long Island as well. I went to Temple University for my Masters’ Degree, and hung out in Philadelphia a lot! After Philly, I fell in love, moved to L.A., and the rest is history.

Michael: “Bad Sex” is the newest hit for Logo.

Chris: Each episode is dedicated to one individual person, so you get to know each person in the group, as well as individually. There really is lots of depth to it. Two people in the group start dating, some others start hanging out, it’s really very real.It was so important to me to be engaged with everyone and most of all, real!

Michael: The show has a mix of both gay and straight people. Do you think the differences are that much different problem-wise?

Chris: I think it’s both really; were a product of our culture. There are definitely going to be similarities, but as for differences culturally, it’s a yes and a no really. While some of these things may collapse boundaries, some people may still be promiscuous, they manifest differently in men and women.

Michael: What do you say to the naysayers who may call the show “exploitive” a la “Celebrity Rehab”.

Chris: I’ve heard the rumblings, and I’ve been slammed already.  I started to see however doing the show, what I was doing was really impactful. The message is so important, we really need to talk about sex. If people are uncomfortable, that’s good; we wanted people who had a passion for sex and had the same message.

Michael: Where do you see the gay community as a whole? Have we gotten smarter sexuality-wise?

Chris: I think they’re smarter and better educated, but I don’t think were done yet. We’re very comfortable, we’re not as concerned anymore, which is not good. There are multiple strains of HIV that are out there, and people need to be aware.

Michael: What do you hope “Bad Sex” will give the viewer to take away?

Chris: I think the biggest message is, let’s not be afraid of sex. It’s healthy, biological, we should talk about it like we talk about eating and sleeping.

Let’s use honest words, not words like “down there” “Saying words like “penis” and “vagina” should be like saying “elbows” and “eyeballs”. Sex is good; “normal” is not the goal; that creates shame and guilt. The fact is, 80% of us are not living how we actually say we are; ironically, the normal is really the abnormal.

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