Four gifts below may not be on your list for Santa just yet but I know you will still love them four years from now…

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 - does too much to list!

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

The friendlier, more affordable step-sister to the iPad for those who prefer not to be locked into the Apple device prison for eternity.  I never knew I needed a tablet but now can’t imagine life without it.  Wherever your interests lie, you are guaranteed to be blown away by its versatility – too much to name.  Read, play games, watch movies, make hotel reservations, check email, edit photos from anywhere (Galaxy is just a pinch over a pound – iPad weighs more).  One of the Android platform Apps I love most enables me to conduct interviews while the tablet transcribes voice to text with 96% accuracy… scary amazing!  Galaxy Tab 10.1, $587 on, which they claim is lower than what Samsung allows them to advertise.

Dyson DC23 Animal - will clean your house like nobody's business!

Dyson Animal Canister Vacuum

Not the sexiest holiday gift but will definitely blow you away – most especially if you have a pet.  There is seriously nothing like it.  After you get over how well thought-out the machine is ergonomically and functionally, use it.  Use it on your wood floors and carpet and furniture and discover the muck you were living in before James Dyson cleaned up your world… or at least your home.  For a complete review, click hereDyson DC23 canister, $450 on sale now with free shipping.  And the company claims you will save enough on filters and bags over five years ($484) where it will pay for itself.

Panasonic Link2Cell - cell phone is your home phone!

Panasonic Link2Cell Home Phone

No more missed cellphone calls with Panasonic’s Link2Cell, which seamlessly connects your cell phone to your home phone with Bluetooth.  Three handsets around the house eliminate the dreaded dash to your handbag or kitchen counter to find your ringing phone.  Talk comfortably on a full-size phone when you are at home – now, your cell phone carrier will truly be your only phone bill.  This “cellular convergence solution” took less than 10 minutes to set up and work perfectly, including synching contacts.  Other great features include DECT 6.0 Plus technology, talking caller ID, speakerphone, digital answering machine with 18 minute capacity and power backup (if you have a power outage, you can still use the phone for  a while).  “I was very skeptical and thought I was opening a can of worms with this but the phone works and I don’t have to search for my phone in the house anymore,” said our reviewer.  Obviously, you use mobile minutes when making or receiving calls.  Link2Cell with three handsets and answering machine, $75 at