Michael Cook spoke with two of the stars of the Sundance Channel’s “Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys: Nashville,” a reality show about the intense friendships straight women have with their gay male friends, and the world.  Kristen and Peter, who claims to “love awkward situations,” discussed the show…

Michael: How did you both first meet?

Peter:  We met on an online dating service actually. I messaged her, I was determined to prove to my ex wife that I wasn’t gay. I came out on our second date, and three years later here we are.

Kristen and Peter from "Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys"

Michael:  Based on the first episodes, the show is definitely taking on a “Housewives” vibe, serving up the drama!  Was it hard to try and stay out of the fray?

Kristen: We tried to stay as objective as possible, which isn’t necessarily easy all the time.

Michael:  Peter, you are a single dad. How do the kids react to your relationship with Kristen?

Peter: My kids absolutely love Kristen! They actually wish she was their “second mom”. She’s my best friend, but sorry Kristen, “daddy likes boys”!

Michael:  Who did you both find yourselves gravitating most towards in the cast?

Kristen: I think we definitely gravitated towards Tanisha, but for both of us, both Jared and Tanisha. I actually like everybody, but we clicked with those two the most.

Michael:  Would you guys consider doing another season?

Peter: I definitely would.

Kristen: I would think about it. I’m going to have a young child, and my husband will be coming home in January permanently.  He’s been away since January other than two weeks in June, so who knows?

Michael:  How would you both sum up your relationship?

Kristen: I think we have a really honest love for each other, a unique kind of love that straight male-female relationships can’t have. In straight relationships, three are breakups, divorce, things like that.

Peter:  Guys relationships are complicated, with Kristen and I it’s a unique kind of love. And besides, I’m not afraid to tell her she looks bad in a dress.

For more about “Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys,” which airs Fridays at 9 pm on Sundance, click here.