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This time of year, are you speaking about Christmas movies that are close to our hearts?  This amazing movie set home really is for sale and lucky for us, it’s also had a healthy price cut!

A two-time movie star in its own right, this beautiful 3-story brick house with a banister to slide down that we’ll never forget, is still on the market.  The setting for two “Home Alone” films, we’ve already seen how magical it is decorated for Christmas, but it’s not only a Christmas house! It’s the kind of house one picks to raise their families and enjoy their grandchildren where plenty of space, comfort and location lends stability, convenience and lays the foundation for a lifetime of memories.

The setting for two Home Alone films, slide down the banister next Christmas morning.ext Christmas.

Situated on a half acre lot, this 4,250sf home features 4 bedrooms and 3.2 baths, but the master suite encompasses half of the whole west side of the second floor with a heavenly sitting room with wood burning fireplace, a huge bath and sun room! (Just the place to get away and forget about the gaping tourists filming themselves standing in your front yard!)

Happy Holidays from the Conover Agency. Click on the link above for the latest listings, including the YMCA building on Main Street.

When you see these lovely rooms with their hardwood floors, huge windows filling the rooms with cheerful sunlight and the artistry of the current owner’s decorating skills, you’ll immediately see yourself living here. If you could negotiate the furnishings into the sale we doubt any decorator could do better!

The home's famous banister in the grand foyer.

Built in Winnetka, Illinois in 1921, the maintenance level is so exceptional, it looks brand new.

If you already have a stockpile of Christmas decorations and can successfully negotiate on the furnishings, if you really hurry, maybe you could get in before Christmas this year! It’s a reach, but at least you could have the elegant New Year’s Eve bash you’ve always wanted!

Fancy pants kitchen, minus those horrible stools.

Give your family the best present possible!  “Home Alone” home was $2.4m – now $1.95m.

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