Guest columnist Michael Cook spoke with Michelle Visage, a judge of the guiltiest pleasure reality competition show, “RuPaul’s Drag Race” where contestants are true drag queens (they dont just look like them, like most of the embarassing ladies from the Real Housewives franchise) – and summon all their creativity, people skills and talent in the hopes of becoming “America’s Next Great Drag Superstar.” 

Michael: How excited are you for your second go-round with the ladies of “Drag Race”?

Michelle:  Okay, so this year is different in many, many ways but I think the most obvious way is that these queens have no problem “going there.”  They let it all hang out in so many ways.  Get ready for a great season of “Drag Race.”

Michelle Visage helps RuPaul find "America's next great drag superstar" in January in "the new season of Drag Race"

Michael:  Last year Carmen Carrera represented New Jersey.  This year, you have Milan and Jiggly Caliente representing New York. How do you think the queens from our area differ from the rest of the country?

Michelle: Local queens are much more in yo’ face!  They do things and go to places that many queens in other parts of the world or even the country would never do or even think about doing!

Michael:  You’re a legend in the New York City ball scene; what makes a fierce “lip synch for your life”?

Michelle:  Good question. Well, for me a fierce lipsynch is actually knowing the lyrics you are about to sync. Also, truly feeling and becoming the lyric changes everything physically. It isn’t just about death drops and shablamming all over the damn place, it’s a skill that gets better with practice like most everything else. Serve it to me huntees – don’t phone it in!  Also, thanks for the “legend” status, I’m not worthy, trust me.

Michael:  You are known for you straight-forward judging critiques and unflinching honesty with the girls. Do you think the girls all take your constructive criticism to heart?

Michelle:  I think the girls were prepared for me. They see what I want and they know how to make me happy dammit.  Just do it and I won’t bite.  I’m not a bitch… I’m just painted that way.

Michael:  What do you miss the most about being a Jersey resident?

Michelle:  Love New Jersey! No matter where I live, I will always be a proud Jersey Girl.  Born in Perth Amboy, raised in South Plainfield. I miss the Garden State Plaza, I miss the shore (I lived the Jersey Shore before it was even a TV show, truth), I miss Guidos, I miss Woodbridge Mall (my first job was at that mall) I miss the city being 30 mins away and the beach being an hour away.  I miss my friends and family of course (shout out to my bestie Laura Matusz in Bridgewater!)  There’s too much to list, but trust me when I tell you, I will never be ashamed of my Garden State!

Michael:  You recently announced a move to Los Angeles. What’s next for Michelle Visage?

Michelle:  World Domination is next for Michelle Visage.  Truthfully, my goal has always been late night talk so that is my goal ultimately. I want to do a mainstream late night talk show with my twisted sense of humor that allows me to be me, allows me to be funny, do great segments, interviews of course, but not stodgy boring ass interviews, I want to interview the way I have for 17 years on morning radio, straight up Jersey style, sit there in full drag and surrounded by gays! I’d have it NO other way and I love you Cookie.