The unqualified star of VH1’s “Mob Wives” – whose plastic surgeon recently revealed she’s spent $40,000 on her body – spoke with Michael Cook about the idea of her joining the cast of “Housewives of New York,” and her future with the show that ‘made her’…

Michael: Does it feel different being a castmember this year as opposed to the last year?

Renee: It feel very different actually; my eyes are much more open about certain people and certain situations, some of which my eyes were closed about previously.

Cast of "Mob Wives": Renee Graziano, far left.

Michael: So you have two new ladies joining the cast this year, Ramona Rizzo (granddaughter of Benjamin “Lefty” Ruggiero, portrayed by Al Pacino is “Donnie Brasco) and “Big Ang” Raiola. Ramona is definitely on “Team Karen”, while Big Ang is becoming a fan favorite! Tell me about her.

Renee:I love Big Ang! I know her since I’m about fifteen years old, she is my aunt’s best friend. She bartended in every restaurant there was, and she was married to a “wiseguy”. She’s divorced, has two kids, and of course, she owns the “Drunken Monkey” on Staten Island.

Michael: It’s early in the season and already some of the alliances look to be shifting. Any inside dish you can give me?

Renee: People are definitely going to be getting along that didn’t. We still have complications between Karen and Drita, which have only intensified because of Ramona. Carla and I do make up, you will see that relationship unfold.

Michael: Where do you stand with Karen and Drita now?

Renee: Drita and I are like a divorced couple, we fight and go back and forth. Karen and I are very close as well.

Michael: We know Karen is writing a book based on her famous family (Karen’s father is notorious mobster Sammy “The Bull” Gravano). Any plans for you to expand beyond “Mob Wives”?

Renee: Absolutely, I already have a book on the horizon. I have several things going on actually. A cookbook, a jewelry line called Mob Candy, a makeup line coming out called O.C.D. (Organized Crime Disorder). I have lots going on.

Michael: Based upon this year and last year, we see you as being a great mom. Is it tough for you to balance being the mom of a teenager and having your son on a reality show?

Renee: Well, A.J. is with me 24/7, he is a part of my businesses and my everyday life. I’m developing things for him also so he has a future, a legitimate future.

Michael: We recently saw via Twitter that you became friendly with former “Real Housewife of New York” Jill Zarin. Since Bravo notoriously shifts their “Housewife” casts around, would you be willing to join the “New York” or “New Jersey” cast?

Renee: No. I’m not a “Housewife” I’m a “Mob Wife”. I’m married to a lifestyle, they’re married to… whomever.

Michael: Season 2 of “Mob Wives” will be drawing to a close eventually; would you consider signing on for a third season?

Renee: Absolutely; if they gave us more money and more of an interest in the show, why not right?

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