I spoke with the local founders of Toys for Pups, Heather Jensen and Amy Quinn about their grass roots effort to help the Humane Society ensure every canine companion waiting for adoption (and the house is full… go adopt!) has a blanket and toy.
In Jensen’s own soulful words, why she and Quinn chose to get involved:

Dogs are waiting for your good, safe homes!

“We just visited the shelter a few times last year. We adopted our dogs from there. We went with friends who were looking to adopt dogs.
“It’s depressing when you walk past the kennels. You want to help. We didn’t know how to help, but Amy saw on Facebook that they needed towels, so she started collecting towels.
“Then after we took the volunteer orientation and started walking dogs there, we realized that they didn’t all have beds or toys. So we put it out on our personal Facebook pages and the gay (Asbury Park) list that if anyone had old toys, beds, treats, or whatever that their dogs didn’t use anymore, they could give them to us and we’d give them to the dogs.
“We started the Toys for Pups Facebook page so that the community could see pictures of the dogs using their donations, and so we could publicly thank the awesome people who donated.
“Some people donated cash, so I asked Cindy from the Dawg Joint if I could give her the money and she would get stuff on sale and discount so the money would go further. She did us one better, and put a box out in her store for people to put donations in. She also donates some of her tips from grooming to the pot.
“(Event planner) Jill Potter put on her Aww Mama Productions Facebook page that she’d donate a dollar for every new ‘like’ we got. Amy had that “like” donation bet with someone else. The folks who took Christmas pics at the Dawg Joint said they’d donate half of the proceeds of the Valentine photos they take.
“Did your dog get a toy that you thought he’d like for Xmas, but he ignores it? Donate it! Did you get a new dog bed and the old one is perfectly fine, but doesn’t match your couch as well? Donate it! The Dawg Joint has also generously agreed to buy toys at deep discount with any money we raise.

“I dunno. What can I say? We have an awesome community.”

‘Like’ Toys For Pups on Facebook.  Contact: Heather Jensen at 732-539-7051 or the Dawg Joint at 732-455-3145.

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