Frank’s Deli and a variety of other Asbury Park locations serve as the setting for Bruce Springsteen’s first music video from his new “Wrecking Ball” album.

The black and white video features Springsteen playing the guitar on the roof of the Savoy Theatre downtown and walking east with a crowd of locals (including Tim Donnelly, Trip Brooks and Al Reinoso) on Mattison Avenue, as well as the interior of Frank’s Deli on Main Street and it’s owner Joe Maggio.

Joe Maggio of Frank’s Deli in Asbury Park is featured at the 1.25 minute mark in Bruce Springsteen’s “We Take Care of Our Own” video. Image courtesy of BruceSpringsteen.net / Columbia Records.

“The crew came in here two weeks ago and had lunch,” said Melinda Maggio, Joe’s daughter.  “After they ate, one of the crew members told my dad that they wanted to film inside and watch us ‘do what we do’.”

Two videographers, one still camera man and five crew men stayed at the busy deli for an hour capturing various images.

“I wasn’t paying attention to them,” said Joe Maggio.  “They asked for a slice of apple pie with ice cream and hot chocolate to shoot.  We thought they wanted general shots of a diner, of Americana.”

Frank’s Deli has been an Asbury Park institution for generations. Bruce Springsteen’s favorite dish has been the turkey club.

Everyone got a huge surprise Friday afternoon when Springsteen released the “We Take Care of Our Own” video and spotted a grinning Joe Maggio front and center, full frame shot at the 1.25 minute mark.

“The phone started ringing with friends and strangers calling to tell us Joe was in the video but we didn’t really know what they were talking about,” said Maura Marrucca.  “It sounded like Joe made the winning catch at the Super Bowl in here when we saw (the video) for the first time.  Customers, friends, all of us were very excited.”

Melinda Maggio, Joe’s daughter agreed.

“I can’t stop watching,” she said of the video that has been playing on a loop at the deli.  “It has been such a great few days here.  Everyone is so excited.  It’s great for someone so great to be recognized by (Springsteen).”

Customers at the deli Saturday afternoon said “We Take Care of Our Own” – with an underlying theme of support for hard-working Americans – was the perfect video to include Asbury Park and Maggio in.

Standing under his framed Springsteen photo inscribed with “Where the elite meet to eat” by The Boss himself (Springsteen always orders the Turkey Club) Maggio shared that this is an extra special moment for him.  Six years ago, his first date with Mary Hogan was at a Springsteen concert in Convention Hall.

“It’s terrific, unbelievable actually,” said Joe Maggio, smiling a Grammy Award-worthy smile.  “I really can’t believe this happened after forty years standing behind a grill.  From one boss to the other, thank you… thank you.”

“Wrecking Ball,” the 17th Springsteen studio album from which “We Take Care of Our Own” is from, is due March 6 from Columbia Records.  For updates, follow Springsteen on Facebook and visit BruceSpringsteen.net.