Editor’s note:  On Monday, March 19, OWN announced the cancellation of the “Rosie Show.”  Check back with TheBPlot for the scoop on this dramatic change in plans for the show since last week.  Read TheBPlot’s article in October where we detailed one of two things would happen to her show – it would either move to New York or the situation with Oprah would explode.  Looks like Option One (the move) was the plan but then Option Two took over last week. 

We’re working the phones to sift through the rumors including the real story about Rosie’s rumored clash with Oprah and the director of both Oprah and Rosie’s shows, Joe Terry.  Joe is a stellar man who I have worked with and known for almost two decades.

Last week, media breathlessly reported Rosie O’Donnell was moving her show, the “Rosie Show,” to New York but TheBPlot reported that in October – two weeks after the show started:

Rosie and Oprah stand on the first set of the Rosie Show, which is now moving to New York City. TheBPlot predicted the move two weeks after the show launched last year.

“So if the powers that be decide “Rosie” is worth saving, watch for two things: Rosie to “clean house” with the staff and fire almost everyone related to Oprah (like she did with her daytime talk show after four months on the air) and the show and production team to move to New York next season with a new set where she will sit behind a desk (viewers like desks for whatever reason).”

Check, check and check. 

Yes, she has a desk now.  Yes, she is firing 97% of her inherited Oprah staff.  And, yes, she is hauling ass to the city where she should have been all along.  But sources tell TheBPlot it’s not as combative as it’s being reported.

TheBPlot explained in October:  “…the major unforeseen problem with Chicago is that no big name guest will waste a full day of a tortuous media tour for the attention of 400,000 “Rosie” viewers (she’s now down to 250,000 viewers) during two extra long segments. Yeah, they did Chicago for Oprah, but…”

After Rosie takes Manhattan (again), look for a new brassy Rosie Show that morphs her headline-making time on The View and intimate interviews on Sirius XM with the colorful Broadway segments she made famous a decade ago with her first talk show.  You will soon see:

  1. Opinions – midwest female viewers relate to Rosie and respond to her point of view.  Viewers want their hosts engaged and calling out guests which Rosie is brilliant at doing.  She knows not to make the viewer feel lectured to, however, or dwell on an issue too long.  Being on cable gives her more room to say what’s on her mind.
  2. Politics – going into the height of the election season, Rosie will be on the issues with headline making guests and commentary.
  3. Fun – focus groups detail that the Rosie we know today is “highly relatable.”  Entertainment execs view her has a rare talent that can cover the heavy stuff as well as the fluffy stuff.  You’ll see more “everyday people doing extraordinary things” interviews, that Rosie created and Ellen DeGeneres has run with for the past few years. 
  4. Relaxed production – one of the things Rosie hated most when she inherited Oprah’s team was the quest for over-production Oprah carved into her team.  On Oprah, nothing happened that wasn’t planned to the second.  Rosie is most comfortable in the completely opposite universe of having only the intros and outros on the TelePrompter.

With the new New York Rosie Show, the gloves are off with bookers and talent agents.  Rosie is where she should be, again, and ready to play.  Should be something to watch!

For a look at Rosie’s Chicago home, click here.