Juicy stories from unsurpassed sources plus 40 exclusive photos equals a 584 page must-read beach read from the ultimate writer about the bold-faced names and icons you love. 

Journalist and writer J. Randy Taraborrelli’s latest biopic “After Camelot: A personal history of the Kennedy family 1968 to present” – the sequel to “Jackie, Ethel, Joan: Women of Camelot” (now in paperback) – is an interesting, dynamic and compelling book that you will want to read in-full, past the major revelation headlines that it will be making later this month.

"After Camelot" publishes just in time for the May sweeps television ratings period.

I have written previously that when I was in the talk show business, Taraborrelli was the only guy I called when I wanted to deliver celebrity insights for my audience.  Taraborrelli does not guess – he knows.  Can you tell I love this guy?

For his latest book, Taraborrelli set his laser-sharp focus on the body of disfunction that is the entire Kennedy family.

TheBPlot’s exclusive preview of “After Camelot” reveals a completion of more than two decades of meticulous research, featuring exclusive interviews with Kennedy family and friends including first-ever details about:

  • Jacqueline Kennedy-Aristotle Onassis marriage
  • Negotiations involved between Ted Kennedy and Aristotle Onassis for Jackie’s hand (it’s a really good story)
  • The intense political rivalry between Sargent Shriver and Ted Kennedy and how it kep Shriver out of the White House
  • Ethel’s personal ordeal following Bobby’s assassination
  • The Chappaquiddick scandal – details you never knew
  • The “Kennedy Curse” – did Jackie O believe in it?
  • Ted Kennedy’s decision to put his cancer treatment second to President Obama’s endorsement
  • Caroline Kennedy’s relationship with Ted Kennedy and her mess of a senatorial campaign
  • John Kennedy, Jr.’s fights with his wife Carolyn and the serenity they found prior to the tragic plane crash
  • Behind the scenes of what happens when the family rallies to support one another during a tragedy or scandal
  • And the many, many, many challenges faced by the third generation of the Kennedys – from overdoses and accidents to… a huge revelation!

Taraborrelli points out that the Kennedys – who he calls “one of the most misunderstood families” – were, at one time, everyday people who came into extraordinary circumstances through hard work, manipulation, sex and scandal.

With all the books written about the Kennedys, you would think the topic has been beaten to death however Taraborrelli delivers in an entirely new, fabulous way.

“After Camelot” (Grand Central Publishing) launches April 24 – just in time for television’s May Sweeps ratings period.  Watch for Taraborrelli to be all over.  Pre-order the biopic here.  Read an excerpt at AfterCamelot.com.

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J. Randy Taraborrelli's new book is a great beach read.

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