Twenty three year old Andrew Sullivan has grown up watching reality television, so isn’t it only natural that he’s now part of a reality show?  A fresh-faced New York City publicist, Sullivan manages the publicity for little Eden Wood.  No, she’s not a porn star, she’s a six-year old pageant champion who’s “expanding her brand” with the help of Sullivan on LOGO’s “Eden’s World.”  Michael Cook spoke with Sullivan…

Michael:  How did you get started in the world of PR?

Andrew:  I finished school this past May at the University Of Connecticut and was very fortunate to represent both coaches at the University of Conn. When I finished school, I moved to New York and partnered with a new sports agent and was concentrating on sports talent, but then moved in the other direction, doing some work with Bravo. I worked with Jill Zarin (former “Real Housewives Of New York City” star) and also worked with some of the talent from “Most Eligible Dallas”.

Working with Jill (Zarin) and her manager taught me alot. She taught me more than anyone in the industry, in terms of showing up looking and feeling your best, and that every relationship you form could be life changing. Jill is really amazing.

Andrew Sullivan with the cast of "Eden's World"

Michael:  What makes you the person to take Eden Wood to the “next level”?

Andrew:  When I got started in the world of pageants, it was brand new to me. Both of my sisters danced since they were young, so I felt that I had been around the “competitive child world before”, but then I realized that not only was this world new to me, my world was new to them.

People will definitely see me having trouble with the boundaries and wanting to fix the brand where I see the issues in it. For me, there are so many avenues we can go down with this brand, I want to put the time in to do it and accomplish a lot. I never settle for the word “no” and I never stop talking! My work ethic and drive push me to help Eden get to the next level.

Michael:  What do you think it is about Eden that gives her the “it” factor?

Andrew:  I think everyone involved with her says that there is just “something” about her. She knows what she’s doing and she’s in it to win it. As a representative, you have to have a dynamic relationship with your client and you have to be aggressive. Eden has that natural instinct to know when to be professional and when to be a kid.

Michael:  Is it hard working with a child so young who is the star of the show?

Andrew:  Eden is young, but we both are young. I have a fourteen year old sister who is only seven years older than Eden. I always say, I’m a 24 year old going on 12. In one second I may be having a tea party with Eden, and then in the next second I may be coordinating a photo shoot for her. I think she sees me as a big brother and I think she needs that in her life.

Michael:  What’s your opinion on the pageant world as a whole?

Andrew:  I’ve heard amazing stories of the pageant world and I’ve heard horror stories of the pageant world. I came into it thinking that this was going to be miserable and I don’t agree with it at all. Then I would see the one child who was getting so much confidence from the pageant world, and started to see it differently. If I see something I don’t like I definitely speak up and say something to the person. When it comes to pageants, I hope that every parent who has their kid in the pageants, wants the best for their children.

Michael:  When you’re not working with Eden, are you a reality show junkie?

Andrew:  I like to call myself the “King Of Reality”! I am a “Housewives” sucker, and a “Mob Wives” junkie; I love “Mob Wives” – it’s the best franchise on television. I actually just signed with Jen Graziano (exec producer of “Mob Wives”) last week. I am launching a brand of my own called “Reality Royalty” it’s going to be all things reality. I think I’ve done so much “field research” with reality television.

Michael:  Would you do your own reality show in the future?

Andrew:  At my age, I would definitely love it, but I definitely think I have a lot to learn. Showcasing my day to day would be entertaining, and I hope that someday America would get to see that. Right now, I can’t wait for everyone to see what a blast is it working with Eden. One thing I have definitely learned from working with Eden, is that truly, anything can happen!

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