Fifteen years on September 15th.

This fall marks the fifteenth year Carol Scollay has been organizing her neighborhood yard sale as well as searching for an “Antiques Roadshow” like mega-find.

“My husband Jim jokes that he is still waiting to watch that show and see someone on television saying they purchased their amazing item at the Wanamassa Point Yard Sale,” said Scollay.  “Wouldn’t that be so funny.”

Carol Scollay has been organizing the Wanamassa Point yard sale for 15 years. This year, the sale will be held on Saturday, Sept. 15.

This year, Scollay has scheduled the Wanamassa Point Yard Sale for Saturday, Sept. 15, beginning at 9 am.  Fifteen years ago the sale began when Scollay and her friend Caroline Glynn looked around their homes and decided it was time to “clean house.”  Because Scollay’s neighborhood is so friendly, Glynn suggested that neighbors be invited to participate.  And participate they did.

“Every year neighbors ask me if I am planning the sale and some of our regular shoppers stop me around town to ask when the sale is too,” said Scollay.  “This is a true community yard sale where people move the unwanted items in their home on at great prices but moreso, the sale is about getting reacquainted with friends in our great neighborhood and keeping stuff out of the landfills.”

With the help of her 17 year-old daughter, Scollay begins planning the sale a month in advance.  She and Katie Scollay print out and deliver flyers as well market the sale and secure the permits for each home.

The red pin “A” marks Wanamassa Point on this satellite image

Merchandise at the Wanamassa Point yard sale varies from collectibles to everyday items.  This year’s participants are planning on selling housewares, furniture, jewelry, linens, holiday decorations, large art frames, books, leather goods, adult and children’s clothing and electronics.  Some neighbors also invite friends from other cities to come and sell.

“There is always a special item or ten hidden on the tables or in the garages,” said Scollay.  “Each house has something different.  One year, a neighbor sold her beautiful collection of hand made planters and pottery.”

Wanamassa Point is located off of Sunset Avenue on Wanamassa Point Road, next to the Deal Lake bridge.

“After fifteen years, it is so true that you never know what you are going to find,” said Scollay.