‘Tis the season for the frightfully fun.

I went to Fright Fest – celebrating its 21st season – for the first time last weekend and was impressed with how hard the producers work to create a scary good time.

Excellent costumes on 150 zombie actors using 1,300 ounces of airbrush makeup during the season made this jaded terror fan thrilled.  The attention to detail with the park’s decorations was fantastic, including:  800 gallons of “fog juice,” 1200 pounds of webbing, 4,000 mums, 1,400 corn stalks, 7 tons of average-size pumpkins and 11,000 pounds of propane for spooky flames and fire bursts.

I spoke with Kristen Siebeneicher of Six Flags Great Adventure.

Six Flags Great Adventure Fright Fest is back for its 21st year.

TBP:  How has Fright Fest changed over the past two decades?

Siebeneicher:  The early years of Fright Fest featured many street performers and roaming zombies.  Over the past few years we scaled back some of the intensity on the streets in favor of more intense scares in “terror trails,” the haunted walk-throughs you liked so much.

We have four terror trails this year, and the newest is Voodoo Island.  A terror trail is a remote, themed area of the park featuring zombies or other themed scare actors.  Imagine an outdoor haunted house.  All the trails are meant for guests over 12 years old because they are designed to scare you.

The storyline of Voodoo Island is that you and your group are on a tour of the newest hit reality show, but something goes terribly wrong and suddenly you find yourself immersed in a world of cannibals and witchcraft.  Voodoo Island will be located on the peninsula underneath the Log Flume, which is very remote and surrounded by water, so you’ll really feel you’ve been stranded on a cursed island.

We also have several shows that have not been at the park for a number of years but were favorites, like Professor Zombini’s Freak Show.  Todd Robbins (Professor Zombini) is a true Coney Island icon.

And there is a totally new “Awakening” zombie procession and show.  It is my personal favorite to get the nighttime started off right.

What makes Fright Fest special is that we offer some of the world’s best thrill rides including the just-named “World’s Number 1 Wood Roller Coaster” plus 30 Halloween-themed attractions in one location.  The vast majority of those Halloween-themed attractions are included with park admission.

TBP:  I hear Fright Fest gets scary-crowded.  As our insider, what is the secret to doing everything?

Siebeneicher:  If you’re looking to do all of the nighttime attractions, Friday nights are always your best bet.  Fridays are usually the shortest lines for Fright Fest.  Also, the closer the weekend to Halloween, the more crowded the park will be.  So it pays to plan ahead and come early in the season.  This season is our longest ever – six weeks.

With 30 Halloween-themed shows and attractions, we think Fright Fest is the place for scream seekers. has more information.