Returning for its fifth rising, the Zombie Walk – my favorite fall day in the area – is Saturday (Oct. 6) at 5 pm and the Undead Festival is all day long.  Below is excerpted from a press release distributed by

What is a Zombie Walk?

A zombie walk is an organized public gathering of people who dress up in zombie costumes and make their way around city streets or shopping centers in a somewhat orderly fashion for fun and surprise. (more below)

Truman’s favorite New Jersey Zombie Walk event is the Yappy Hour gathering at WonderBar. Photo from 2011.

The 5th Annual Apocalypse – 2012 New Jersey Zombie Walk and Undead Festival

The New Jersey Zombie Walk and Undead Festival will officially kick off the Halloween season in Asbury Park the first Saturday on October 6th. The Walk is one of the Garden State’s largest Halloween gatherings, everyone is invited to join together in an effort to promote thrills, chills and laughter throughout the community! Zombies of all ages will be welcomed to participate in this family-friendly event. Best of all, the Zombie Walk is completely free.

Last year the Zombie Walk brought in over 10,000 participants and this year we’re expecting even more to come out and enjoy the full day of festivities.

In addition to the walk, there will zombie-themed events and entertainment throughout the day to encourage people from all over the Tri-State area and beyond to come, stay and play in Asbury Park all day long.  Downtown Asbury will be closed off at Press Plaza and a stage will be erected to host a variety of music acts and performances including a group “Thriller” dance and costume pageants.

The New Jersey Zombie Walk is also bringing back its “Undead Festival”, full of vendors and artists dedicated to all things horror and zombie. The Casino building on the Boardwalk will host our “Bizarre Bazaar” featuring over 30 unique and amazing tables full of spooky goods.

Adding to the community-driven atmosphere, many of Asbury’s popular restaurants and shops will also be offering up Zombie-themed menus, dinner specials and discounts to all Zombie Walk participants. Zombie Walk participants will be identified by a wristband.

When and Where is the Zombie Walk?

The Zombie Walk will be on Saturday, October 6th. All participants will meet on the Asbury Park Boardwalk, or arrive early to check out vendors and get their makeup done. A team of professional make-up artists will be on hand to give demonstrations and assist in giving complete zombie makeovers for a nominal fee to cover the artist’s expenses.

The Route

At exactly 5 pm on Saturday, the Zombie Walk will begin. Zombies will gather on the Asbury Park Boardwalk in full costume. They will begin lurching down the Boardwalk, towards the Carousel House. From there, they will turn and head up Cookman Avenue, turning down side streets, walking down Main Street and back down Cookman Avenue to Press Plaza. When the walk is over, Zombies will be free to join in more festivities throughout the downtown and boardwalk areas.

Who is the Zombie Walk?

The New Jersey Zombie Walk was conceived, organized and produced by Jason Meehan in Asbury Park in the Fall of 2008. Hearing stories from friends about zombie walks in other cities across the world, and finding no zombie walk within the Garden State with which to join, he was inspired to create one himself right in their own backyard.

Jason, a professional photographer by day, continues to organize the event annually with the help of his best friends. The 2012 Zombie Walk planning team includes Mariel Pietrykoski, Beth Bernardo, and Sarah and Sean White. They share a love of all things horror, sci-fi, fantasy and fiction.

Guinness Book World Record™ Holder

Guinness World Records™ has officially recognized the New Jersey Zombie Walk as the holder of the record for the “World’s Largest Gathering of Zombies.” Our 3rd Annual Asbury Park Zombie Walk held on October 30th, 2010 made history as 4,093 zombies shambled across the boardwalk and through the city. Asbury Park and the Zombie Walk made it into the record book and have permanently cemented our status as one of the biggest and best Zombie Walks on Earth. Our 4th Annual Zombie Walk drew even more people as over 12,000 joined in the first ever Undead Festival.

Lending a Severed Hand to Help Local Causes

The Central Jersey Blood Center will once again be hosting their 4th Zombie Blood Drive! Each year the undead donate their blood (before it coagulates) to help others in need. The Move For Hunger organization will also be on-site for the 2nd year in a row to collect canned goods for local shelters and food banks. Last year zombies gave more than 1,500 pounds of food that stayed right in Monmouth County to feed those in need through the winter. Lastly, the Women’s League of Voters will be at this year’s Walk to challenge the Walking Dead to use their brains and register to vote!

Zombie Walk Rules and Etiquette

During the Zombie Walk, participants must agree to abide by the Rules & Etiquette. These have been put into place to ensure that everyone has a good time, both Zombies and citizens alike. First and foremost, all Zombies must respect the City of Asbury Park and refrain from entering any public premises without permission. Zombies must be mindful of their actions (and make-up) so that they do not smear, stain, cause damage to, destroy or vandalize any person or property. Zombies must not block doorways or impede businesses & homeowners. Zombies must also respect others personal space by refraining from touching anyone who is not participating in the Zombie Walk or harassing anyone that wishes to be left alone. Zombies must always stop “attacking” someone when asked to, especially children. Zombies must obey all traffic laws, city ordinances and authorities at all times. If asked to disperse, they must do so immediately. Zombies must stay on the sidewalk or route unless crossing the street. There will be absolutely NO alcohol or illegal substances tolerated during the Walk. Small children and pets must be accompanied by an adult.

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