The locally legendary Mel Stultz is bringing his talents back to our area with the Race of Gentlemen, a vintage auto and bike race from Loch Arbor to Allenhurst, next Saturday (Oct. 20).

Stultz was before my time here in Asbury Park but I still hear about the fun and funny he innovated in town.

I spoke with Stultz about his upcoming two-day event – which includes a bonfire the evening prior to the race.  He calls the event “a hot rod show with action.”

The Race of Gentlemen on the beach in Allenhurst and Loch Arbour will feature pre-war motorcycles and cars.

TBP:  I hear you were a big part of Asbury Park’s early renaissance.

Stultz:  After I left the Marines I tried everything and anything I was interested in, including art and design.  Ultimately, I moved to Asbury Park and created O.F.L on Cookman Avenue, a bar with great live music once in a while and great sound track all the time.  Eventually, I moved moved on to run a bunch of vintage drag races with old time hot rods.

For years I have been dreaming of a place to put on a morphing of motorcycle and car shows and races which include some action.

TBP:  Which brings us to the Race of Gentlemen.  It sounds a lot like sex to me – lots of build up, three minutes of fun and then a big finale.

Stultz:  It is an exhibition race, not a sanctioned all-out race, on a one-eighth mile specially prepared surface on the beach.  We are putting on a moving mechanical show on the beach like done in the yester year.  An event like this has not been seen in decades.

Early mechanical engineers used our beaches as test grounds for speed back in the 1900’s.  We are trying to emulate this next Saturday (Oct. 20).

American Bikes from 1910 through the 1940’s, both Indian and Harleys will run against each other while the tide creeps back out.  This gentleman’s rivalry still exists today.  Automobiles from the late 1920’s to the 1940’s will be on display on the beachfront.  All bikes and autos are of American vintage and pre-war.  It will be a moving museum.

It is important people know that this is not a bike week-type event, where every person with a new bike shows up and parties down… no thanks!

This is an antique mechanical show “on the move.”  The idea was to create a tailgate party like the Far Hills, NJ “Hunt” of years past.  People dress up and tailgate correctly.  It was important for everyone involved to make sure this event fits in with the host towns of Allenhurst and Loch Arbor.  The mayors of those towns have been a great support.

The night before race day is a beach party with a big top tent, bonfire and live bands.

Pack a picnic basket and do not miss this.  We are creating this event for everyone in the area – people who love vintage cars, people who appreciate design, people who are interested in mechanics, people who enjoy the beach and especially people who like to have civilized fun doing something unique and special.  The morning event is for adults and kids.

Race of Gentlemen: Beach party is Friday, Oct. 19, 8 to 11 pm.  Event day is Saturday, Oct. 20, 10 am to 4 pm.  (Actual race time is TBD).  On the beach, in between Allenhurst and Loch Arbour jettys.

More details on Facebook “Oilers CC Race of Gentlemen” or email TheRaceofGentlemen@yahoo.com.