As exclusively reported on TheBPlot’s Twitter September 30: a TheBPlot source has confirmed that self-proclaimed America’s Judge Howard Stern will sign on for a second judgmental year on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent.”

“The producers gave him with a short list of potential replacements for Sharon Osbourne,” said one of our excellent sources close to Stern.  “They want him back and do not want to have to press the reset button on two of those chairs.  There’s a deal memo bouncing around with Don (Buchwald, Stern’s agent) right now.”

Timing for the official announcement of Stern’s return is planned for December but hotel reservations for the audition phase of the show are being made under his two-syllable pseudonym.

Our source could not – or would not – reveal the names on the talent show’s short list of potential replacements for Osbourne  but said three times that Stern was “comfortable” with the options.  Stern has said on his SiriusXM radio show that he did not want to sign on for a new season and get “caught up” with a high-maintenance celebrity who was not on time for tapings.

“Howard stringing the team along doing that ‘will he or won’t he game’ got old,” added another source.  “Every contract over his thirty year career has come down to the last minute which is so boring and high maintenance of him at this point.”

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TheBPlot reports exclusively Howard Stern will be part of a second season on America’s Got Talent.